His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1308 - Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (28)

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Chapter 1308: Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (28)

“I refuse to believe that things are really how you said it to be. Tell me what is going on right now…” Shi Guang could no longer hide the sour feeling in her heart and tears welled up in her eyes as though someone had just pressed the water tap.

She did not know what was wrong with Mo Jin, but she knew that she was acting really strange. She really hoped that she did it all because she had no other choice, even if that meant that someone had threatened her.

However, after waiting for a long time, Mo Jin still did not say a single word.

Shi Guang finally lost it and gritted her teeth. She screeched, “What exactly is happening?!”

Mo Jin’s face turned pale and bitterness filled her heart. “Didn’t I say it just now? Things just happened to end up like this.”

Shi Guang furrowed her eyebrows and her voice sounded as cold as ice. “You implicated me, framed me, wronged me, and even made me the scapegoat of this project and yet you don’t want me to be angry? When I wanted to know why your answer was that I am not even allowed to know anything?! Mo Jin, what do I even mean to you? Am I your younger sister or a puppet that you can casually toy with?!”

“No, Shi Guang!” Mo Jin looked at her and helplessly said, “Just take it as I did you wrong. I know that you cannot accept this and want to cut off all ties with me or even make me disappear from your sight, but…”

She shifted her gaze and saw Su Qianxun standing at a corner not far away.

She suddenly twisted her words and bit her lip. “But I really found out about the bidding project from you.”

Shi Guang sniggered, but she felt a suffocating disappointment and desperation in her heart. “You are really a scary person.”

She turned around to leave because if she stayed any longer, she might push Mo Jin into the creek.

Upon seeing the despair in Shi Guang’s face, Mo Jin suddenly panicked. She went forward and reached out to hold Shi Guang’s hand. “Shi Guang…”

Shi Guang stopped walking and looked at her. She really hoped that Mo Jin would quickly explain everything to her, but Mo Jin licked her lips and did not say anything anymore.

Time ticked down by the seconds and minutes. Seeing that Mo Jin did not have the desire to explain herself, Shi Guang gave up and pulled a sour expression, and she snapped, “Let go!”

Mo Jin shook her head and stubbornly said, “Shi Guang, remember how my family helped you when we were younger? How about you help me just this time?”

Shi Guang looked at her in a cold and grudging gaze. And with a deep voice, she said, “Exactly why did you do it?”

Mo Jin looked as if she wanted to explain herself, but she still decided to remain quiet.

After a moment, she pondered and said, “I have considered you a biological sister in my heart, and I want to be good to you. But alas, life is too cruel and I have no choice but to walk on this path. Please just help me this time.”

Shi Guang scoffed. “So our sisterhood after all these years can’t even beat the financial benefits you gained. Or rather, it isn’t even important in your heart anymore, is it?”

“Shi Guang, just one time. Just this time. Can you please forgive me one time, just this time. Take it as I owe you in this lifetime.” She pursed his lips so hard that it turned pale, but her voice still sounded very soft.

It was so soft that Shi Guang could not even hear her clearly.

But Shi Guang could still completely understand what she meant.

Shi Guang became livid. “How can I do that? Mo Jin, in your heart right now, not only am I vain, but I am also fake. If you don’t want to hear nasty things coming out of my mouth, you better let go of me, or else…”

With that said, she raised her hand high up in the sky as though she was going to give her a harsh slap.