His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1307 - Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (27)

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Chapter 1307: Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (27)

Shi Guang’s face turned pale and it was clear that she was overwhelmed with emotions. She could no longer remain calm and was as anxious as an ant stuck in a hot pot. “No, second uncle, things aren’t the way it seems…”

Mo Jin softly said, “Shi Guang, that day, when I told you to inform Second uncle to come downstairs to eat, you agreed that you will help me…”

“Shi Guang, I am so disappointed in you!” Su Qiudao’s face darkened as he emphasized every word he said.

With that insatiable rage, he picked up the document beside him and harshly threw it at her.

Upon seeing that the document was about to hit Shi Guang, Mo Jin rushed forward and used her body to block Shi Guang from the hit. After that, she pulled an apologetic look and said to Su Quidao, “Second uncle Su, I am so sorry. This is all my fault. I was the one who begged her to do it. Please don’t blame Shi Guang.”

Su Qiudao picked another document to throw at Mo Jin. “What a touching sisterhood story! Right now, I am seriously doubting your motive for returning to the Su Family.”

Shi Guang’s eyes were red from the tears in her eyes. She looked at her enraged Second uncle, followed by the confused Qianxun, and finally at a guilty Mo Jin who was shielding her.

She suddenly felt very lost.

Especially with how she felt towards her cousin. She had taken good care of her over the years and thought that she understood her well. But today, her cousin seemed like a stranger to her.

Memories of the times they spent together flashed past her mind like a movie…

Su Qianxun was just about to say something when she saw Shi Guang trying to pull her hand from Mo Jin’s grip and then eventually ran out of the room. She offered a few words of consolation to Su Quidao before leaving in a huff to catch up with Shi Guang.

The Su Family garden was wide and spacious. Other than the usual flowers and well-trimmed grass, there stood an outdoor swimming pool, a traditional-themed pavilion, and as well as a rockery surrounded by a small creek.

Shi Guang stopped beside the rockery and harshly broke free of Mo Jin’s tug.

Shi Guang’s sudden and strong tug caused Mo Jin to stagger a few steps back before eventually falling onto the ground.

After she fell down, she did not stand up immediately. Her thick eyelashes cast a faint shadow on her face and nobody knew what she was thinking. She dazedly looked at Shi Guang and gave a light chuckle, and she then uttered, “Sorry.”

Shi Guang walked towards Mo Jin until she was right in front of her. She then looked down at her in a condescending manner, and her glare was as cold as the snow in the North Pole.

She continued to give her a silent but scrutinizing glare, and after a while, she asked, “What are you sorry for? Sorry for lying to my second uncle or sorry for purposely framing me?”

Mo Jin slowly got up from the ground.

“Shi Guang,” said Mo Jin softly, her voice as normal as always.

“Why?” Shi Guang mumbled and then moved forward. Although she seemed as calm as Mo Jin and looked very indifferent, her heart was going through a lot of turmoil and it was as if she could explode in anger anytime soon.

“There is no why. There are some business secrets that I cannot tell you.” Mo Jin’s voice still sounded as indifferent as ever, but her head was slightly lowered.

Shi Guang lowered her eyes and glared at her. Her face was very pale and her fingers were even slightly trembling as she tried to hold her anger in. “…”

Mo Jin paused before saying again, “There’s no evidence, so Su Qiudao will be fine. You don’t have to be so worried…”

“Mo Jin, shut up!” Shi Guang could not help but shout at her to cut her sentence off.

‘Mo… Mo Jin?’ The sudden change in the way Shi Guang addressed her made Mo Jin stumped. The hand beside her slowly clenched into a fist while she looked at Shi Guang. With a pitch lower, she said, “Shi Guang, don’t be so angry.”