His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1304 - Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (24)

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Chapter 1304: Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (24)

Su Qianxun brought Xiao Bai home in the evening and found that Lu Yanzhi had returned home and had already prepared a meal.

She was sure that Xiao Bai definitely called Lu Yanzhi earlier. If not, why would this little glutton pull her home?

The man was donned in an army green color shirt while his soft, short hair had a straight cut. Sunlight spread across his handsome face and he looked elegant and clean. He was merely setting up the dining table, yet his orderly movements brought out an artistic sense of aura as though he was placing artistic works.

When he saw that they had come home, he turned his head and looked at them. “There’s still a fish coming up. Two more minutes and it will be steamed. Wash your hands and we can start our meal.”

With that said, he turned around and entered the kitchen again.

Su Qianxun let Xiao Bai wash his hands before she entered the kitchen.

Lu Yanzhi looked at her and raised his brows as though asking her ‘What’s wrong?’

“You come and go as you please, but my house is not an inn and I’m not used to the way you leave and come back all so suddenly…”

Su Qianxun meant that she hoped Lu Yanzhi could stop coming to and staying in her house, or even sleep in the living room. Yet, Lu Yanzhi said, “Then when I leave, I’ll tell you and when I come back, I’ll greet you.”

Gosh! Su Qianxun rolled her eyes internally.

“When I bought this house, it was meant for me alone. Now, there is one more person, I’m not used to it…”

Lu Yanzhi cut off her words again. “How could there be only one more person? Isn’t Xiao Bai still here?”

His words shut Su Qianxun’s mouth.

Forget it! Someone just had to be so thick-skinned. No matter what she said, it would be of no use and he would not be driven away.

Su Qianxun shot him a cold glare before she turned around and left.

The whole table was filled with scrumptious dishes yet Su Qianxun only ate a few mouthfuls.

Lu Yanzhi looked at her. “Why aren’t you eating?”

Su Qianxun impolitely said, “Didn’t I agree to participate in your variety show? Naturally, I can’t eat dinner and have to lose weight.”

“Lose weight?! You’re already so thin and you still want to lose weight? Give up on it, let’s eat.” His deep and alluring voice rang around. Lu Yanzhi then took a piece of fish meat and put it in Su Qianxun’s bowl.

The side of Su Qianxun’s mouth unscrupulously curled up as she mocked, “Don’t you know that one will look ten kilograms fatter on screen? I may look fine now but when I am on screen, I will look fat. Hence, I must lose more weight!”

“You’re already pretty enough and don’t need to lose any weight. Eat faster!” Lu Yanzhi’s cold and deep voice domineeringly called out before he suddenly remembered another matter. “Oh right, did you eat lunch?”

Before Su Qianxun could speak, Xiao Bai who was sitting beside him, immediately said loudly, “Daddy, mummy ate lunch and ate a lot, too.”

She ate so much during lunch. How did that look like someone who was trying to lose weight? Xiao Bai had exposed Su Qianxun and she became embarrassed immediately. Xiao Bai, on the other hand, continued to eat his meal and did not find anything wrong with his words.

Su Qianxun glanced at Lu Yanzhi’s cheeky smile at the side and gritted her teeth. “I ate more during lunch so I can hold up longer and lose weight better. Do you understand?”

Lu Yanzhi had a hint of teasing in his faint smile. “I did not say I didn’t understand.”

Su Qianxun: “…”

Despicable! Would he die if he did not take this small advantage of her? She took up her chopsticks and ate some food. She chewed her food as though it was Lu Yanzhi.

Her bright eyes glared at Lu Yanzhi. She was clearly angry but her bright eyes made her seem attractive instead.