His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1303 - Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (23)

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Chapter 1303: Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (23)

‘What a fast change in attitude!’ Su Qianxun’s lips curled up, for she knew that Li Mengyao was such a person.

She turned around and looked at Li Mengyao and gave her a smile that didn’t actually look like a smile.

Even Li Mengyao felt that she had gone overboard. After all, she was asking her for a favor. Messing up her own plan was not an option.

Li Mengyao dug her sharp fingernails into her palm and raised her eyes. She then gently said, “I was too anxious just now. Qianxun, considering that we have gone through some hardships together, can you please help me?”

Su Qianxun scoffed. “Gone through hardships together? In that case, tell me who had swapped my child back then?”

Li Mengyao’s face turned a little pale while her eyes held a hint of displeasure as she looked at Su Qianxun. “I—I don’t know.”

Su Qianxun let out a cold chuckle, and in her eyes, mockery was painted all over. “In that case, do you have the guts to swear to God that if you had anything to do with my kid back then, you will die a painful death? Wait—no. You should die from a rotting face instead and become the ugliest person and ghost in this world.”

A hint of nervousness flashed past Li Mengyao’s eyes. She wasn’t even able to make a sound for a while.

Su Qianxun knew that she would not dare to admit that she was involved; hence, she ceased talking and sent Xiao Bai to the car first since she didn’t want him to listen to such conversations.


Li Mengyao called her name, but Su Qianxun ignored her. Li Mengyao called her name again, “Qian Xun…”

However, Su Qianxun still refused to talk to her. Li Mengyao started to panic, but the anger and vengeance in her heart propelled her to rush towards Xiao Bai. She shouted, “Xiao Bai, do you know that your Mommy did not want you back then?”

Xiao Bai turned around to look at them. He gave Li Mengyao a confused look before shifting his gaze towards Su Qianxun and by then, he already looked rather baffled.

Su Qianxun was ticked off and harshly glared at Li Mengyao. “Li Mengyao, say another sentence and you will get it from me.”

“I have already begged you so desperately and yet, you still left me in the lurch. All of you want me to die, so why should I accept the punishment so obediently?” Li Mengyao gave her a look of desperation. “Your mom did not even want to give birth to you in the first place and she wanted to abort you! It means that she wanted to kill you! After she gave birth to you, she left you behind. She doesn’t like you, she hates you, and this is why you haven’t had a mommy since you were young!”

Xiao Bai blinked his eyes and looked towards Su Qianxun with a pout on his face.

Su Qianxun hit the roof and directly turned around to kick Li Mengyao. Since Li Mengyao wasn’t standing properly, she immediately fell onto the ground. Su Qianxun proceeded to pick up the dustbin beside her and used it to hit Li Mengyao with full force, causing a series of painful cries coming out of Li Mengyao’s mouth.

Upon seeing her pathetic state, Su Qianxun felt a sense of satisfaction because she finally avenged herself!

She hopped into the car and drove off, leaving Li Mengyao behind.

After she had driven for some distance, she stopped the car by the roadside and looked at Xiao Bai. “Sorry, Mommy should not have hit people. Hitting people is not right, but Mommy was too angry earlier.”

“Mommy wanted me. You always wanted me, right?” Xiao Bai pursed his lips while wearing a gloomy facial expression.

Su Qianxun looked into his black orbs, and as she spoke, her voice sounded a little dry and hoarse. “Of course, Mommy likes you the best and definitely wouldn’t abandon you. In the past, I wasn’t around because I thought you weren’t my kid. But now that I know that you really are my son, I won’t leave you ever again. Sorry, Xiao Bai, for not being by your side all these years.”

With that said, her eyes turned red.

“I believe you, Mommy. Don’t cry,” said Xiao Bai using his mature tone of voice. He then kissed Su Qianxun.