His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1300 - Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (20)

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Chapter 1300: Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (20)

A day had passed and yet Su Qianxun was still a hot topic on Weibo, however, at the very least, the content had already changed and was vastly different from before.

Qianxun received her manager’s call and knew that she seemed to be in trouble again. But unlike before, her manager remained calm in front of trouble now.

There was no female celebrity who had a more smeared reputation than her!

On the internet, someone had set up an account to expose Su Qianxun. It stated that Qianxun was once held captive by a drug baron for a year as a prostitute and could not believe how she could still live in this world.

The comment section was filled with disbelief and suspicion—some had mentioned, however, of the news being outrageously fake.

Su Qianxun’s fans had harshly reprimanded the owner of the account who circulated the news.

This continued on up until the account owner put up a new post and even attached photos, ones that Li Mengyao had shown Su Qianxun as a threat.

The content even had a detailed narration of the timeline. Su Qianxun debuted at the age of fifteen. Comparing it to the timeline of her work, she did disappear for more than a year in the middle. It was close to two years and her whereabouts were unknown. Nobody knew where she had gone.

The account’s owner’s news was backed up with evidence and instantly, the internet was filled with discussion and comments. Internet users all believed the account’s owner’s words and Su Qianxun was pushed to the heart of the struggle once again.

“Oh my god! Qianxun was actually held captive by a drug baron before! This is too scary.”

“Yesterday, didn’t the news state that she would marry the Lu family? I think the Lu family would never marry a woman who slept with drug traffickers.”

“How many drug traffickers had she slept with? And how many times had she slept with them? Ten times? One hundred times? One thousand times? She could actually still become a celebrity now. She’s so strong.”

“Oh my god, she even had dating rumors with my idol! I feel pity for my idol.”

“She actually slept with so many drug traffickers! How disgusting!”

Su Qianxun’s body froze immediately. It was not as if she did not mentally prepare herself, but once she saw pictures of her past revealed to the public, she still felt shocked and terrible. ‘Kuang!’ Her phone dropped to the floor.

Lu Yanzhi heard it and turned his head to look at Su Qianxun. Then, he walked over and picked up the phone. He instinctively glanced at it and his face darkened instantly.

Su Qianxun looked at him and said, “That day, Li Mengyao called me out. At that time, she showed me these pictures and told me to clarify with you that she was innocent and that she did save me and did not hurt our child. If I didn’t tell you that, she would post these pictures on the internet so that I’ll never make it to the showbiz again. Tell me, how should I settle this? And how should I teach Li Mengyao a lesson?”

“You don’t have to do anything. Just stay at home and take care of Xiao Bai. I’ll settle this!”

Lu Yanzhi put the phone on the coffee table and swiftly left with a cold aura.

Su Qianxun did not know how Lu Yanzhi would settle things. Him being a soldier, with this kind of nature, he would probably give her a warning first. But Li Mengyao was too disgusting and evil-natured. She really did not want to let Li Mengyao off!

But what she did not know was the peaceful night she slept in, had a bloody battle outside.

When she woke up the next day, she did not bother with the internet and merely cooked for Xiao Bai at home. She did not know what happened on the internet until she received Shi Guang’s call.

“Little aunt, I heard from Lu Yanzhi that you agreed to participate in that variety show and elder brother had given his hundred percent support,” Shi Guang shockingly said.