His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1299 - Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (19) Su Qianxun smiled. “Our Xiao Bai wo

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Chapter 1299: Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (19)

Su Qianxun smiled. “Our Xiao Bai woke up so early.”

Just when she was curious about why they did not wake her up for breakfast, she heard Xiao Bai say, “Daddy said you were too tired yesterday and told me to not wake you up.”

Su Qianxun and Xiao Bai sat at the dining table in silence afterward. “…”

Hearing what the child had to say, it seemed so strange. She and Lu Yanzhi did not do anything yesterday. What did he mean by she was tired? It felt so dirty.

Lu Yanzhi served her breakfast and sat opposite her. “Both of you can eat first.”

Then, he went back to the kitchen.

Chief Lu actually became a responsible man in the house. This made Su Qianxun feel as if she was in her fantasies.

She really did not realize Lu Yanzhi was so thick-skinned.

When Lu Yanzhi sat down to eat breakfast together with them, Su Qianxun looked at him and asked, “Did you lose your job and got kicked out of the military? If not, why would you stay at home every day when you are the team leader of the special forces?”

“I hadn’t taken a good rest until now. I can’t possibly be alone for my whole life. I have to marry a person I like, if not, life would be meaningless. Don’t you agree?”

With that said, Lu Yanzhi looked towards Su Qianxun whose eyes were deep and was quiet as a lamb.

Su Qianxun’s face seemed as calm as the wind initially but it gradually turned hot under his scorching gaze. Hence, she lowered her head to eat her food just to cover up her uneasiness.

She had always known that Lu Yanzhi belonged under the category of men who were quiet and reserved yet had an unfathomable attractiveness. Just with his bewitching looks alone, he did not need to say any moving words to win a girl’s heart.

Once he started to say sweet nothings, no woman could resist him.

Xiao Bai was still beside them. He ate a mouthful of food as he said in between chews, “Daddy, when are you going to marry mummy?”

“Go ask your mummy.” Lu Yanzhi bit down his thin lips and knowingly glanced at Su Qianxun as he threw the difficult question to her.

Xiao Bai innocently looked at Su Qianxun. “Mummy, when are you going to marry daddy?”

Su Qianxun was tongue-tied and unable to say anything at all. “…”

She only wanted to bite Lu Yanzhi to death!

After breakfast, she ignored Lu Yanzhi and took Xiao Bai out to play. This time, she did not put up much disguise and gave Xiao Bai a cool look by only putting on a mask and a pair of sunglasses. She did not want to hide the fact that she had a son but she was not willing for others to disturb Xiao Bai’s life.

Hence, if they were secretly filmed, it was fine. But she definitely could not expose her son’s information and photos.

That day, Su Qianxun’s illegitimate son was a hot search topic again.

Following up, Lu Yanzhi was photographed when he picked up Su Qianxun and Xiao Bai. Hence, Su Qianxun’s boyfriend also became a hot search topic.

Li Mengyao looked at her phone that showed a photo of Su Qianxun and Lu Yanzhi along with Xiao Bai. The image of their blissful family of three was too blinding for her eyes.

Just like the times in the military camp, where she saw how Lu Yanzhi had protected Su Qianxun, it was equally blinding.

She was once thankful to Su Qianxun because she had let Lu Yanzhi prevent other men from trampling her after the Second Young Master died.

But she did not know when the seeds of jealousy germinated in her heart and started to grow.

Following this, she realized she liked Lu Yanzhi and at that time, it never crossed her mind that she would hurt Su Qianxun. She only wanted to separate Su Qianxun and Lu Yanzhi and wished for the acting to be real. Because with Su Qianxun gone, Lu Yanzhi would probably develop feelings for her out of gratitude.

But it was not like she did not feel guilty about it. It’s just that there were many things and once it was all done, one could never turn back.