His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1294 - Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (14)

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Chapter 1294: Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (14)

Worried, Shi Guang hesitated before adding, “If there’s any problem, you must tell us so we can help you think of a solution together.”

Su Qianxun also added. “That’s right, if you have any issues, you must tell us.”

Mo Jin then realized how both women had stared at her as though they were observing her every detail and this made her panic. She carefully said, “I am fine. It’s just that I am too busy these days. Once I am done with this project, I will take a rest and I will be fine.”

“You must sleep early and don’t work until so late.”

Shi Guang didn’t probe further as she knew Mo Jin didn’t want to talk about it.

After the meal, Su Qianxun was about to hail a cab home when she suddenly saw a familiar figure in a random car.

That same person also saw her and froze in a slight surprise before getting out of the car to walk towards her. “Qianxun, long time no see.”

Su Wencheng used one hand to hold the door and used his other hand to wave at Qianxun while smiling. He had worn a simple black suit which made him look mature and handsome yet elegant and fresh at the same time.

Su Qianxun was slightly surprised. “What are you doing here?”

“I am here to have a meal with my friend. You too?”

Su Qianxun nodded her head.

She and Su Wencheng grew up together. Although she was considered to be his senior, Su Wencheng still took good care of her.

When they were young, Su Qianxun was very popular among the boys. And like they all say, when a boy likes a girl, the way they would express their affection is through bullying and teasing her. Boys continuously teased her all the time and it was Su Wencheng who would always step out to protect her like a big brother.

Her wooers would get a little bit scared whenever they see Su Wencheng all because he had learned taekwondo just to help Su Qianxun out.

During the time that she fell out of love, all hopes were lost and she lived in misery to the point that she lost all meaning to life.

Su Wencheng was very concerned for her at that time, he even told her that if only they were not related by blood, he would have let her marry him.

Back then, she took it as a joke and pretended to look at him with a weird gaze. Su Wencheng pinched her nose and chuckled. “I was just kidding, look at your expression!”

After that, she went into the entertainment industry while he pursued politics. Both of them got busier and eventually moved out of the house.

Although they spent less time together, he would still give her a call or drop a message whenever he was free.

“Do you need a lift? I can give you a lift!” said Su Wencheng and he opened his passenger car door before inviting Su Qianxun into the car in a gentlemanly way.

“It’s fine.” Su Qianxun shook her head but Su Wencheng insisted and pushed her into the car.

After she got in the car, Su Qianxun realized that there was something she wanted to ask Su Wencheng and hence did not request to get out of the car anymore.

The car moved ahead steadily and the traffic light turned red.

She took a deep breath and looked at Su Wencheng. She then said, “Xiao Bai is my son and I was not aware of it before. I thought my son was gone and so, after the wedding, I did a paternity test. The result showed that we were not related but Lu Yanzhi insisted on doing another test, and so we did and the result showed that we were actually related. How do you think this happened?”

Su Wencheng shook his head. “I don’t know but I am happy to know that you have a son. Although I am not his real uncle, I will treat him well.”