His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1293 - Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (13)

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Chapter 1293: Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (13)

“Su Qianxun, if you don’t tell Lu Yanzhi that what you said were all lies and that you tried to frame me when I was the one who saved you and basically had nothing to do with your baby… if you don’t tell Lu Yanzhi that, I will put those photos up online!”

With that said, she took out a bunch of photos from her bag and showed it to Su Qianxun. Those red fingers on her fair and slender fingers looked irritatingly striking.

Su Qianxun’s sight traveled from Li Mengyao’s face to the photos. Those photos looked very old and blurry but she could still affirm that those photos were taken when she was at the military camp.

When she saw those photos, Su Qianxun felt as though she had returned to the days of her captivity. She looked at Li Mengyao who was opposite her and saw her leisurely sipping on her coffee.

Li Mengyao looked up to see Su Qianxun’s pale face and her lips curled up into a proud smile.

With that, how could Su Qianxun still dare to compete with her?

To her surprise, Su Qianxun laughed mockingly. “Li Mengyao, are you unclear about this whole situation? Do you think I am just scaring you when I say those words just now?”

With that said, Su Qianxun stood up and prepared to leave.

Li Mengyao’s face darkened as she snarled, “Su Qianxun, I am not scaring you either!”

Su Qianxun replied with a simple ‘Oh’ and suddenly changed the topic. “I remember back then when I accidentally saw you and Zarba hugging each other…”

Li Mengyao froze as she didn’t expect that Su Qianxun would bring that up.

She immediately said, “Don’t spout nonsense! I am not close to Zarba! Lu Yanzhi knows me, I only love him!”

“Oh, is that so?” Su Qianxun’s tone turned a little weird. Her gentle tone seemed to hint at something else.

“Don’t try to frame me…”

Su Qianxun scoffed and was even more sure that there was something going on between Zarba and Li Mengyao.

“B*tch, what are you laughing about…”

She couldn’t outtalk her but was too angry so she cursed to vent her anger.

Su Qianxun took her cup of coffee which she hadn’t taken a sip of and splashed it on Li Mengyao’s face. Before Li Mengyao could scream, Su Qianxun coldly said, “Li Mengyao, I will let you have a brief introduction of how it feels like to offend me!”

Li Mengyao wiped her face and glared at Su Qianxun as her slender body trembled in anger. “Bring it on!”

Ignoring Li Mengyao’s bloodshot eyes and the twisted expression on her face that looked as though she wanted to kill her, Su Qianxun flashed a faint smile.

With that, she left.

‘I must not let this matter off so easily and simply forget about it.’

‘Mark my words!’

Shi Guang had asked Su Qianxun out for a meal. It was until she reached the destination that she realized that Shi Guang had also invited Mo Jin.

While they were eating, Su Qianxun hesitated for a while before she summarized what had happened between her and Li Mengyao—she casually narrated the incident to them as if it were a movie scenario.

“If she would use those photos to threaten me, how would she save herself when she needed to?”

Su Qianxun had just finished talking when Mo Jin’s cup dropped on the table. She hadn’t properly gripped on it and thus caused the water to spill all over the table.

Shi Guang quickly used the napkins to clean the table. “Sis, what’s wrong? Why are you so careless?”

“I’m fine, I’m fine.” Mo Jin lowered her eyes before returning to her quiet and calm self.

“What’s wrong with you recently? You have been out of sorts, are you sick?” asked Shi Guang worriedly.