His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1292 - Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (12)

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Chapter 1292: Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (12)

What kind of background could a woman possibly have if she was one who relied on sleeping with men to raise her status?

Then again, since she had people to back her up, she could behave without any restriction and without fear. All thanks to her natural good looks, she could easily seduce men.

Otherwise, Lu Yanzhi wouldn’t yearn for her day and night. Even up to that very moment, he could not forget her. He needed no evidence to side with her. With or without it, he would definitely choose her side of the story.

When both of them were at the military camp before, Qianxun had Lu Yanzhi to protect her. She, on the other hand, had to be raped by so many men and experience the world’s scariest and terrifying scenes.

When a person was in darkness and loneliness, it was the easiest to ignite their evil side. She really hated how unfair this world was.

Clearly, both of them were met with misfortune but their treatment was so different.

She hated Su Qianxun and hated that woman’s good fortune. She shifted all her hate and unhappiness onto Su Qianxun.

In the end, when they had escaped out of the military camp, Su Qianxun went to the entertainment industry while she had Lu Yanzhi’s help. She thought that everything would change, however, in the end, she was still back to square one.

How could she take that lying down?

Even if Su Qianxun had slept with so many people in the entertainment industry, why was it that Lu Yanzhi still chose her?

Li Mengyao was about to go berserk and tear the woman before her into pieces, but she couldn’t do anything. She still needed to beg for her to say some good words for her to Lu Yanzhi.

In the end, she swallowed her pride and came to beg Su Qianxun. The only thing she received was Su Qianxun’s dark face and her putting on airs.

She was too much!

Li Mengyao became hot under the collar and her initially attractive face became a little distorted.

She touched her face and realized that there was blood. The veins on her forehead throbbed as she berated, “Su Qianxun, don’t think that just because I said a few nice words to you, you can turn yourself into a queen.”

Su Qianxun gave a heartless and cold smile. “Li Mengyao, you shouldn’t have agitated me. Regardless of the truth behind the baby incident, the baby I was carrying was definitely yours. As for who left my baby in the woods, I don’t have any proof now so I will leave it aside first. But for all the provocations, lies, and disrespect you gave me for all these years, I will make you… pay a very big price for it!”

Li Mengyao saw a dark and evil coldness in Su Qianxun’s constricted pupils and unknown fear crept to her. She tried her best to remain calm despite herself uncontrollably breaking into a cold sweat.

At the back of her mind, she had thought about why she was so afraid.

To put it nicely, Su Qianxun was a celebrity. But to be honest, she was just a ‘bus helper’.

She raised her chin and looked at Su Qianxun. She scoffed, “Pay the price? Before you want to let me pay the price, I will make you pay the price first!”

With that said, she broke into a peal of cold laughter. “Do you think that being a celebrity makes you very amazing? If your fans or audience were to know that you were once captured by international terrorists for over a year, what will they think of you? Will they think that you are a slut or a public bus where many terrorists slept in?”

Su Qianxun clenched her fists unconsciously as she dangerously narrowed her eyes towards Li Mengyao. “…”

“I am not a celebrity but you are one, and a famous celebrity to that, but then you still have to rely on your reputation to get job contracts. I still have a few pictures from that year and I am not just saying this to scare you off. Su Qianxun, if you don’t tell Lu Yanzhi that you were the one who lied and that you purposely frame me…”