His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1290 - Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (10)

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Chapter 1290: Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (10)

“Lu Yanzhi.” After Su Qianxun put some distance between them, she raised her head and looked at Lu Yanzhi. Her voice was calm that she sounded like she finally decided on something after thorough and serious consideration. “I don’t want to marry you because of our child.”

“I’m not!” Lu Yanzhi forcefully cut her sentence short by gripping her shoulders to which Su Qianxun tried to struggle away from. “The reason I want to marry you is not even because of Xiao Bai. That year, I think the reason you kept Xiao Bai was not because he was my son either…”

The reason he liked Xiao Bai a lot and that he was determined to make Su Qianxun give birth to him was not because he was his son… Instead, it was because Xiao Bai was both his and Su Qianxun’s son.

The smile in Su Qianxun’s eyes was helpless. “But to me, the reason would definitely be Xiao Bai if I were to marry you.”

Lu Yanzhi looked deep into her eyes. His throat moved a little and he seemed to want to say something but swallowed his words back.

After a moment, he lowered his voice. “Then we will not marry each other! We will just stay like this… and get to know each other deeper…”

The word ‘deeper’ left his mouth in an especially slow manner as though it had a hook that scratched one ticklish and numb.

Su Qianxun froze for a moment and had a different interpretation of the word ‘deeper’.

Her embarrassment turned into a rage in a matter of seconds. She quickly raised her leg and harshly stomped on Lu Yanzhi’s foot. “You’re really… shameless!”

Wincing in pain, Lu Yanzhi had a face of shock. “…”

Did he say anything wrong just now? He suggested that they would marry each other, but she declined such an offer, hence he succumbed and decided against it, too. The main point wasn’t the fact that they weren’t married, rather it was as long as they get to stay together despite such a circumstance.

It was just a piece of paper anyways.

But why was she furious?

A woman’s thought is quite unpredictable and impossible to grasp at times.

The moment he saw Su Qianxun get on a cab, Lu Yanzhi left as well for he had planned to surprise Su Qianxun later on.

On the way home, Su Qianxun received a stranger’s call. Usually, she would not answer calls with numbers she never saved.

But the phone kept on ringing multiple times, even the cab driver in front of her curiously looked at her from the rear mirror.

Su Qianxun had to answer the call. Before she could speak, Li Mengyao’s voice rang from the phone and it sounded like she was panicking. “Qianxun, where are you? Let’s talk!”

Li Mengyao really did not take her seriously at all! How could she not take a look at herself to see where she stood? She had yet to settle scores with her and yet she actually dared to call?

Su Qianxun immediately hung up the call.

What was there to talk about? They had nothing to talk about.

Li Mengyao’s words were filled with lies, she could not utter a single word of truth. With how Li Mengyao provoked her that year, to which she hinted that Xiao Bai was her child with Lu Yanzhi…

She could confirm that the person who used a dead baby to trick her was Li Mengyao.

Su Qianxun blocked Li Mengyao’s number. Li Mengyao’s calls could no longer go through and she fervently started to send messages.

One message after another…

After Su Qianxun returned home, she received Li Mengyao’s messages again. She arranged to meet Qianxun at a cafe right outside of Qianxun’s neighborhood. If Qianxun did not show up, she threatened that she would make a ruckus at Qianxun’s doorstep, which in return would make Qianxun hit the headlines tomorrow.

This threat made Su Qianxun particularly speechless.

Li Mengyao was considered a normal person but then again, who knew she had this kind of side? If Li Mengyao made a ruckus, it would definitely be bad for her.

Fine, she wanted to meet, right!? She would clear up doubts that she had never asked before and also let Li Mengyao know that she, Su Qianxun, was not a person to be trifled with!

Su Qianxun changed her clothes and walked to the cafe Li Mengyao mentioned.