His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1289 - Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (9)

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Chapter 1289: Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (9)

“Your love to me is no different from the mud below my feet.” Lu Yanzhi gave a heartless smile. “Take a look at yourself, do you think I will find myself a woman like you?”

His words sounded very gentle however there was a deeper meaning to it.

Li Mengyao gave a panicked gaze.

Lu Yanzhi’s deep eyes were so cold that it could kill. “Before Qianxun even appeared, I saw how those men had dragged you but I didn’t want to expose my identity. You should be thankful that Qianxun appeared at that time, otherwise, you would have been dead that day!”

Li Mengyao didn’t expect to hear such words and was in disbelief. She was so stunned that she even forgot to cry and only stared at Lu Yanzhi with wide-open eyes.

She suddenly fell onto the ground and looked at Lu Yanzhi’s departing figure as her eyes were filled with hopelessness.

When Lu Yanzhi walked outside, he saw Su Qianxun squatting on the ground and staring ahead with red eyes.

Sensing that there was someone beside her, Su Qianxun looked up and pursed her pale lips.

She wanted to stand but her legs turned numb. Lu Yanzhi reached out to hold her arm and pulled her up and into his arms. A deep and alluring voice was heard afterward. “Let’s go home.”

Su Qianxun froze and hesitated for a few seconds before pushing him away. “You can go back first. I still have some matters to settle.”

He turned around to look at Su Qianxun. “When you were outside, were you able to hear everything?”

Su Qianxun felt puzzled. Her lips curled up but she didn’t say anything.

It was as if time had stopped and Su Qianxun looked at him in silence. After a long time, she laughed. “I didn’t hear much because I didn’t hear to the end! The past is the past and we can’t go back to the past.”

Lu Yanzhi looked at her. “Yes, but we can start over again.”

Su Qianxun gave a faint smile. “…But I hate Lu Yanzhi now.”

Lu Yanzhi squeezed his fingers tightly. “Never mind. As long as I like you, that’ll do.”

With that said, as he hugged her, causing his breath to reach her face in which Su Qianxun could feel that it was scarily hot.

Su Qianxun’s mind was already in a mess, but then she suddenly recalled how he had strangled Li Mengyao’s neck. She opened her mouth and bit his neck.

Lu Yanzhi gave out a hiss and furrowed his eyebrows but he did not push Su Qianxun away. He initially thought she did it to release her anger but who would have known that she did it so forcefully as though she really hated him. She didn’t even want to let go.

It was as if they held a grudge against each other.

“If you continue biting, there will be a big blood scene,” said Lu Yanzhi helplessly as he pinched her waist.

Su Qianxun was afraid of the tickle and immediately let go, only to see his gaze full of anger.

“I know what you are thinking… No matter which lines you hear, from the first time I saw you, I never thought of letting you go. I would rather you cry in my arms than to push you into another man’s arms.”

With that said, he hugged Su Qianxun again.

Su Qianxun couldn’t tell how she felt and so she reached out to push Lu Yanzhi’s chest, however, his arm hugged her tightly into a cage. Even if she struggled, she couldn’t get out.

She remembered Shi Guang had told her before that all the men in the Lu Family were really proud.

It was either they wanted to save face and would rather punish themselves or they become shameless and pester the other party… Lu Yanzhi was the latter—shameless!