His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1288 - Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (8)

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Chapter 1288: Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (8)

At that moment, she understood everything. With Lu Yanzhi around, everything had been seen through!

All of her schemes were no longer schemes!

However, everything was flawless and there weren’t any pieces of evidence, so how exactly did he see through it?

The longer Su Qianxun stood outside, the more she thought about it and the more furious she got. Why did she even listen to Lu Yanzhi and come out? ‘I must find out if Li Mengyao had swapped my son away that year.’ In the end, she couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to go back to get an explanation.

By the door, she was shocked upon seeing Lu Yanzhen strangling Li Mengyao by the neck.

She then saw Lu Yanzhi casually throwing Li Mengyao onto the floor as though he was throwing something unimportant away.

Li Mengyao fell onto the floor like a ragged doll and by then her face had turned a little green from the lack of oxygen. She took in huge breaths of air before entering into fits of cough.

She sat on the floor as her face was filled with pity and helplessness. “No, I didn’t do it! Why wouldn’t you just believe me?” defended Li Mengyao.

“You don’t have to defend yourself in front of me, I am not a judge! My family matters are not like my job, I don’t have to find evidence for everything!” Lu Yanzhi said with a voice so cold that it gave her goosebumps. He then harrumphed afterward.

Su Qianxun still stood outside and slowly leaned against the door. She couldn’t see them but she could feel the angry atmosphere enveloping the room.

The reason Lu Yanzhi chased her away wasn’t that he believed Li Mengyao but because he wanted to make things clear to Li Mengyao.

So, did that mean Lu Yanzhi really believed her unconditionally?

At that moment, Su Qianxun’s heart raced…

Meanwhile, Li Mengyao thought she was going crazy.

The man whom she so loved deeply only needed a word from Su Qianxun and required no pieces of evidence for him to determine her guilt. How could she accept this?

“All of Su Qianxun’s words are lies other than the part that I said that you loved me! But I did it only because I love you!”

“I don’t need your love.” Lu Yanzhi coldly said, “Neither do I want you to love me.”

Li Mengyao gave two miserable laughs. Her laugh sounded more miserable than her crying. “But if you love someone, you would naturally want to do things in your favor. Aren’t you like this, too? When Su Qianxun came to the military camp, you could have been safe and sound and effortlessly sent her away, but you didn’t. You stayed and made her accompany you. It was until she got pregnant that you decided to let her leave, no?”

In her head, her words were like an exploding bomb. Su Qianxun immediately felt as if her blood was flowing in reverse and her sight became a messy storm of snowflakes floating down.

She widened her eyes in disbelief and held her breath while looking ahead.

From the beginning, Lu Yanzhi could have sent her away but he chose to…

Su Qianxun’s eyes turned red and her body started to tremble uncontrollably. She staggered two steps backward before turning around to leave.

A glint of anger flashed past Lu Yanzhi’s eyes as he harshly kicked the chair. ‘Peng!’ The chair fell onto the ground and even rolled a few rounds.

Li Mengyao was so scared that she screamed as she hugged her knees. She then went to hide in a corner.

“Don’t impose your imaginations on me!” Lu Yanzhi said, emphasizing every syllable and looking at her as he did so.

His voice was very light but it had a strong sense of anger.

“Lu Yanzhi, I really loved you…”

“Your love to me is no different from the mud below my feet.”