His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1287 - Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (7)

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Chapter 1287: Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (7)

“I understand now. You believe Su Qianxun and regardless of whether what she said was true or not, you would only believe her. You think that I was trying to break you guys up back then, am I right?”

“I don’t need to doubt her,” said Lu Yanzhi in a cold voice.

Li Mengyao’s face turned pale as tears welled up in her eyes.

She always knew that Lu Yanzhi was a cold man and that he didn’t love her, but she believed that a person’s heart can never be made of stone. After all, they’ve already known each other for so long that their relationship was still considered good, and so she held a small glint of hope that one day he would give her his heart.

However, from the start to the end, her place in his heart was so light that it seemed as if she had never existed before.

No matter how Su Qianxun treated her, this man would never have feelings for her forever.

His seriousness made her feel as though her heart was harshly being sliced.

She just couldn’t understand it. In what way was Su Qianxun better than her? Was it because of her looks?

Was being pretty that important? Who could have been sure how many times Su Qianxun had gone under the knife?

Her pitiful tears swirled in her eyes as she looked at the proud Lu Yanzhi. She reached out weakly and tugged on his sleeve carefully while saying, “You don’t have to doubt her. That could only mean that you don’t believe me. Lu Yanzhi, I liked you ever since then and for all these years, I didn’t do anything but kept my love for you to myself because I know I am not worthy of you. I only wanted to like you secretly. Aren’t you being too heartless to a person who loves you so much?”

Lu Yanzhi pushed Li Mengyao’s hand away and coldly said, “I don’t need your love!”

The walls Li Mengyao built around her immediately came crumbling down. She cried out, “Do you really have no feelings for me? It has been so many years, even if you are a stone, you should at least feel something!”

Lu Yanzhi suddenly smiled, however, it did not have a hint of warmth in it. “If back then, you didn’t pass the message to Qianxun and she wasn’t the one who had lost Xiao Bai but you…”

She widened her eyes in shock and cut the latter part of Lu Yanchen’s words. “How can it be! How can you doubt me?! The truth will come to light sooner or later. As long as both of you met each other then all of my lies will be exposed, so why must I do such a thing? Besides, so many years have passed, but why is it only now that Qianxun revealed her side of the story? Don’t you think it’s very weird? Do you really see Su Qianxun as too perfect? She’s a slut…”

Towards the end, she felt a disgusting feeling building within her and she couldn’t help but express her anger out!

When he heard the word ‘slut’, Lu Yanzhi immediately flared up. He walked towards her and strangled Li Mengyao’s neck before he snarled, “If I hear you slandering her again, I will definitely make you pay the price!”

The strength he used was very strong and he didn’t have a single pity for her.

Li Mengyao could barely breathe and her face flushed red. She gasped, “I don’t dare anymore! Let… me go!”

“You should feel happy that Xiao Bai is fine, otherwise, I definitely wouldn’t let you off!” said Lu Yanzhi, and he had emphasized on every syllable through gritted teeth.

Li Mengyao held onto Lu Yanzhi’s steel-like hands tightly as she choked. She looked at his angry expression in fear.