His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1285 - Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (5)

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Chapter 1285: Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (5)

“Ridiculous!” The word flew out of her mouth as she glared at Li Mengyao in vengeance. “This wasn’t how you said it!”

Lu Yanzhi raised his eyes, and with a soft voice, he asked, “How did she say it then?”

“It had been so long and at that time, it was just the two of us so I have no evidence to present to you. Even if I told you everything, would you even believe me?” Su Qianxun sarcastically laughed.

Li Mengyao looked so pure and innocent but she was very cunning in her schemes. She had already expressed earlier on that she was innocent and had made it sound like Su Qianxun did not appreciate her help at all.

Lu Yanzhi gave her a determined look and his calmness could be compared to that of the unfathomable Cheongdam-dong[1] “As long as you said it, I will believe you!”

Su Qianxun momentarily froze. “…”

On the other hand, Li Mengyao was so stunned that her face turned as pale as snow.

She gritted her teeth as her crocodile tears came rolling down her face. “Qianxun, I don’t understand what you mean. Back then, I told you not to misunderstand me and Big Brother Lu as we were just acting. There was nothing between us. I even told you that Big Brother Lu liked you and that you should not ignore Xiao Bai, for he is your son. However, you only said that you hated Big Brother Lu and you loved your fiance. You would never love a vile person like Big Brother Lu. You even said that you didn’t want your son and called him a brat.”

Su Qianxun widened her eyes as she could no longer control her emotions and raised her hand to give Li Mengyao a harsh and hard slap.

The impact of the slap was so strong that Li Mengyao staggered to the side and fell down weakly. She was so angry that her face turned red and her body trembled. “Su Qianxun, don’t go overboard!”

She then looked at Lu Yanzhi as if she was complaining about Su Qianxun to him in silence.

Su Qianxun pointed at her and berated, “That year, you told me that the person Lu Yanzhi liked was you and that he betrayed Atucha to elope with you. However, since I had his child, he couldn’t ignore it and so, he advised you to bring me along and meet you at the river on the west side of the camp!”

Li Mengyao seemed as though she didn’t believe Su Qianxun’s words. Her eyes were sore red and it made her look very vulnerable. “How could that be? Why would I say such a thing? Once the operation ended, you would eventually meet Big Brother Lu and know that he was undercover. How could I possibly say such a lie? Even if I wanted to lie, wouldn’t I come up with a better one?”

“Are you trying to quibble? Perhaps this was your best move.” Su Qianxun kept a serious expression and her tone was very sharp.

“How am I quibbling?” Tears dropped onto the ground from Li Mengyao’s sore red eyes as though they were pearls from a necklace that had its string broken. “I know that regardless of what I say, you guys will not believe me. After all, I am an outsider.”

Her sobbing face made her look very pitiful.

Lu Yanzhi’s face was tightly strung up as he looked at them.

“Back then, to wait for Qianxun, we were almost found out. To protect Little Li, I let my child… I know you two feel that I have many men by my side and my child must not have been important to me, but that was my child we are talking about. How could I possibly not want my child…” Li Mengyao sobbed even more. She started choking on her tears while her words became more unclear towards the end.

[1] Cheongdam-dong is a very affluent neighborhood in South Korea whose affluence cannot be measured. In this case, Lu Yanzhi was very calm.