His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1284 - Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (4)

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Chapter 1284: Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (4)

“You still want to investigate?” Li Mengyao was puzzled, and she raised her head. “But he seems like he doesn’t know anything. How about we let it go and release him? He is a local so no matter how we look at it, he isn’t one of Zarba’s men.”

Su Qianxun looked at them with a cold glance and suddenly stood up. “It’s over? Can I leave now?”

With that said, she turned around to leave but Lu Yanzhi walked to her in big strides. He then hooked his arms around her waist from behind and pulled her into his embrace.

He helped Su Qianxun to stand properly. “Wait.”

Su Qianxun swatted his hand away. “Is there anything else?”

Li Mengyao stood beside them and looked at their close interaction. It looked as if she was very shy with her head lowered.

However, her gaze was very cold.

She had her gaze fixed on her shoes while her face slightly contorted out of jealousy.

Suddenly, there was a shadow on her shoe and soon a pair of shoes landed steadily on the ground with a few thud sounds and were just a few steps away from her. The tall figure moved forward which made him stand out from the crowd.

Li Mengyao raised her eyes and saw Lu Yanzhi walking towards her—his powerful aura suppressed her own.

She felt a little flustered. Knowing Lu Yanzhi, he must have brought Su Qianxun over for a clear reason.

However, what was he trying to do? Could it be…

Li Mengyao smiled tenderly and gently said, “Big Brother Lu, thank you for today…”

Lu Yanzhi’s deep eyes stared at her and that had cut her sentence. “That year, I told you that I would ask Little Li to rescue you for the reason that I couldn’t show my face to the public. I also told you to tell Qianxun about my identity and our plan so she could leave with you, am I right?”

Li Mengyao’s expression turned pale and those slender veins on her neck could be seen clearly.

Her voice turned soft as she smiled, and she said, “Yes, you’ve said that before and I told Qianxun…”

Su Qianxun harrumphed. “When did you tell me that?”

“Qian Xun, how can you not admit to that?” A look of astonishment appeared on Li Mengyao’s face as she looked at Su Qianxun. She looked very pitiful as if she was wronged.

Tears immediately welled in her eyes and it flickered under the soft light. “I told you everything that time, and that Big Brother Lu will rescue us. Back then, the military camp was in a mess but I risked my life to find you but you didn’t believe me. I also explained to you that Big Brother Lu and I were just acting and that my child wasn’t Big Brother Lu’s. However, you refused to believe me or leave with me. Since I had no other choice, I left first and could only meet you at the river by the west side of the camp.”

Su Qianxun was speechless as she felt that Li Mengyao’s words were a little funny and amusing. “Yes, you said that we should meet at the river by the west side of the camp but you didn’t tell me that it was the escape route…”

Li Mengyao’s face turned pale and she pitifully said, “Qianxun, how could you wrong me? If I didn’t tell you that it was the escape route, then why would I wait for you there? Am I an idiot? It was you who didn’t go there because you refused to believe me and yet you still wrong me…”

With that said, she looked towards Lu Yanzhi. “If you don’t believe me, you can ask Little Li. He was the one who brought me there to wait for Qian Xun. I waited for a long time but Qian Xun didn’t show up!”