His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1283 - Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (3)

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Chapter 1283: Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (3)

Lu Yanzhi sized Li Mengyao up and saw that other than her terrified gaze, she wasn’t very panicky.

It seemed as if other than Zarba, she didn’t have to worry about anything else.

Su Qianxun who was beside him also kept staring at Li Mengyao. She had not seen her in a few years yet Li Mengyao had become prettier and looked more like a gentle lotus flower. After the shock, she wore an expression similar to that of Lin Daiyu, looking even more gentle and vulnerable. One look and any man would immediately want to protect her.

Perhaps it was because of this look of hers that caused Lu Yanzhi to help Li Mengyao all these years.

Zarba? Mission? Su Qianxun thought that it was all fake.

She really didn’t know why Li Mengyao was here, so Su Qianxun threw a cold glare towards Lu Yanzhi.

Li Yanzhi pursed his lips while looking very cold and handsome. He did not wear any expression and only looked at Su Qianxun. He saw her furrowed eyebrows and immediately knew what she was thinking. The next instant he spoke, it was obvious that his tone had turned a pitch lower. “Where is Zarba?”

He turned around to look at the man in a cold and harsh gaze. That man’s arm was locked behind his back by one of Lu Yanzhi’s subordinates.

The man’s face was distorted in pain and after a few shouts, he tolerated the pain much better. He looked at Lu Yanzhi and said, “I really don’t know what you are saying. I am just a thief and I saw that this lady was alone, so I thought I could take something from her.”

This man seemed to be around thirty-years-old. His eyes looked very guilty and kept looking around, it was obvious that he was lying.

Lu Yanzhi remained silent and only gave his subordinate a look.

His subordinate grabbed the man’s shoulder and harshly pushed it downwards with a cold face. A ‘kacha’ sound was heard and his bone was dislocated.

Instantly, a mournful cry of pain was heard. The man’s facial features were all distorted in pain and the veins on his forehead popped out.

The subordinate harshly pushed him onto the ground with a ‘peng.’ He ignored the man’s wild shrieks and howls, and he snarled, “Where is Zarba?”

The man rolled around on the ground and cried in pain. He did not have the chance to reply when the subordinate placed his hands on his shoulder. He immediately shouted, “Don’t break my arm! Don’t break my arm! I confess! I confess!”

The scene before him was rather sketchy that he suddenly felt everything was no longer a small matter. The people who stood before him, though they did not uncover their identity, he had a feeling that they weren’t just normal civilians. He knelt on the ground and cried out in confession with everything he knew.

“I am really just a thief but this time, somebody bribed me to do it. It was a man who was wearing a hat and a mask and so I could not see his face. He told me to steal the woman’s bag and said that after I stole it, I could take all the valuable things in it. I just have to run away from him!”

Lu Yanzhi squinted his eyes at the man and then waved his hand to let his men take him away.

The subordinate nodded and grabbed the man’s arm to do a few more actions. Another ‘kacha’ sound was heard and the dislocated bone was fixed back into place.

Under the man’s miserable screams, the two subordinates left with the man. Only Lu Yanzhi, Su Qianxun, and Li Mengyao were left in the room.

Li Mengyao carefully looked at both Lu Yanzhi and Su Qianxun. She darted her eyes back to Lu Yanzhi and asked, “Are we really letting him go?”

With a deep gaze that seemed as though he could see through her, Lu Yanzhi coldly replied, “Of course not, we still have to investigate this properly.”