His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1281 - Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (1)

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Chapter 1281: Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (1)

Li Mengyao’s quivering voice slowly morphed into a scream. It sounds as though she was in despair and was so frightened that she immediately started crying!

What was happening? It had Su Qianxun stunned for a moment and then she turned to look at Lu Yanzhi with a confused gaze. Was she doing CosPlay? Lu Yanzhi furrowed his brows slightly and coldly asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Last night, I was eating and singing with my friend… At a bar’s private room. Since I drank a little too much, I wanted to go to the washroom to freshen up. But someone followed me and knocked me out. When I woke up, I realized I was locked up in a room. What should I do? I’m so scared. I think it’s one of Zarba’s men. He definitely came to take his revenge on me for helping you that year. He will definitely kill me! I’m so scared! Yanzhi, save me! Big brother Lu, save me!”

“There is someone at your side to protect you. Unless he does not wish to leave China, Zarba would not dare to hurt you.”

He still freshly remembered the words Su Qianxun told him as though she just said it.

Even if there was no evidence at hand and though they still could not be sure if everything was an act and was Li Mengyao’s doing, he still had a hunch that she was the culprit behind this matter. And since it was Li Mengyao, it once again brewed some misunderstanding for Qianxun.

At the circumstances during that time, they had already spoken a lot of inappropriate and untimely words just to protect the mission and operation. Hence, at the most crucial moment, finding Qianxun was even more inappropriate, and so he had to require Li Mengyao to relay the message to Qianxun that he would save both of them.

It was the best chance for Li Mengyao to purposely create a misunderstanding.

“But I’m still very scared. I feel that the person is still here… Save me! You must save me… AH!… Dududu…” With one scream, the call ended.

Lu Yanzhi cursed under his breath and immediately called his subordinate.

For his personal selfish means, he did not want to care about Li Mengyao. But for righteousness, he could not stand and do nothing. If he could catch Zarba this time, it would be for the best.

After he finished the call, he saw the side of Su Qianxun’s mouth curling into a cold smile. His eyes darkened. Both of them had finally managed to have a warm atmosphere between them but it suddenly sank rock bottom again.

Under this sort of circumstance, how should he explain it to her?

Suddenly, he pulled Su Qianxun along and walked outside as though he made an important decision.

“Hey! Lu Yanzhi, why are you going? Where are you bringing me to? I haven’t put on my make-up.” As she saw that she was going to be brought out of the house, she shouted in panic.

“What make-up do you need? What’s there to put on? It’s not like I haven’t seen your ugliest moments.” Lu Yanzhi’s tone was desolate and had a sense of mock as though saying, ‘Whether you are ugly or not, you look the same to me.’

Su Qianxun was rendered speechless.

That particular year, when she was at her lowest, she was unkempt and untidy. Her face was even hurt and she indeed looked ugly, but the situation then was different.

She did not put on make-up for him to see anyways.

She was now an artist. How could she go out without make-up? She should at least put on some foundation to make her skin color look more uniform. If she was caught by the cameras, she would have to top the headlines as being black as a dog.

But Lu Yanzhi did not give her a chance to do so and brought her out of the door. He pushed her to the front passenger’s seat and quickly sat at the driver’s seat and drove forward.

After Su Qianxun had settled in her seat, she turned to Lu Yanzhi and shot him a curious stare. “Where are you bringing me?”

“To carry out my mission!” Lu Yanzhi replied. He could not ignore Li Mengyao and at the same time, he did not want to let Su Qianxun be mistaken and hence, bringing her along was the best move.