His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1279 - The Truth! So It Was All An Act! (9)

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Chapter 1279: The Truth! So It Was All An Act! (9)

Su Qianxun placed her hand on her head and recalled the dream she had. She was speechless.

At ten o’clock in the morning, it was neither early nor late. She closed her eyes and wanted to sleep for a while more but she couldn’t do so. She stood up and proceeded to take a bath instead. As she came out of the bathroom after washing up, the phone rang. When she walked towards it and prepared to take the call, the call was hung up.

She looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Lu Yanzhi who had called her multiple times.

A second later, he called back again, however this time, Su Qianxun did not want to answer and instead put the phone beside her bed and went on about her beauty routine. Who told him to reject her request yesterday, anyway?

However, Lu Yanzhi did not relent and continued to call her.

After Su Qianxun did her skincare, she could tolerate it no longer and muttered a few words in sheer irritation. She tried her best to suppress the impulse to scold someone and picked up the call. “Is there a problem?”

Lu Yanzhi’s tone was deep as he snarled, “Didn’t you say you would come and pick Xiao Bai today?”

“Then would you allow me to fetch Xiao Bai home?” Su Qianxun retorted back.

“I won’t!” Lu Yanzhi rejected it immediately.

“Then, why did you call?” Su Qianxun harrumphed. With that said, she wanted to hang up the call but then Lu Yanzhi’s voice rang in her ears. “I’ve sent him here.”

“Really?” Su Qianxun was so surprised that she almost jumped up and flew downstairs to open the door.

When she opened the door, she only saw Lu Yanzhi. Her face darkened as she asked, “Where is Xiao Bai?”

Lu Yanzhi hung up the call. “Would you open the door if I didn’t say that?”

“You…” Su Qianxun was so angry that she stomped her foot on the ground. She raised her hand to close the door but Lu Yanzhi had stopped her just in time. She glared at him. “Sorry, now is not a suitable time to welcome you because… my boyfriend came.”

Boyfriend? Lu Yanzhi could feel his blood was boiling. He knew that Su Qianxun was clearly pissing him off to death without holding responsibility for it.

He harshly clenched his fingers. He almost used up all his sanity to suppress his rash impulse and strongly pushed the door open.

Su Qianxun had no strength to stop him and looked at him in shock. “What are you doing?”

“To see your boyfriend!” Lu Yanzhi’s expression was cold and threatening. It was dangerously scary.

Su Qianxun was stumped. She looked at Lu Yanzhi who was walking around her rooms in search of someone and felt that he was as though an angry lion that could rip her into parts in the next second.

Why was he so agitated? Don’t tell her that he was jealous!

No matter whether she said it was true or false, Lu Yanzhi flipped the whole house around before he stood in front of Su Qianxun. His gaze was lazy yet sharp as he questioned, “Where is he?”

He held a deep and cold glaze that presented his strong, domineering aura and it slowly crushed her. Her surroundings started to feel heavy, making her unable to breathe properly.

Su Qianxun stopped for a moment to slightly grip her fingers in helplessness. She then voiced out, “You’re really strange.”

“Let me tell you, you are my child’s mom and next time, you have to take care of your own image!” Lu Yanzhi held her shoulders and had her cornered to the wall!

Su Qianxun did not back down and stubbornly looked at his eyes. “What has that got to do with you? I can do what I want to do.”

The atmosphere in the room became still all of a sudden. Lu Yanzhi dangerously narrowed his gaze and bit his lips. Suddenly, his lips were on hers.

He did not kiss, but he bit her lips instead…