His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1278 - The Truth! So It Was All an Act! (8)

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Chapter 1278: The Truth! So It Was All an Act! (8)

Su Qianxun had not wanted to overhear his conversation.

But didn’t someone explain earlier that it was all an act and that he and Li Mengyao was acting? Then what was happening now?

But the next second, she realized things were not as she thought she was.

She did not know who was on the other line, but she could see how Lu Yanzhi’s expression turned murderous. His voice turned cold as he impatiently said, “Alright! I get it!”

With that, he ended the call. As he lifted his eyes up, he saw Su Qianxun standing at the doorstep and that immediately made him freeze on the spot.

The strange and knowing smile on Su Qianxun’s face made Lu Yanzhi’s tall and broad body stand straight. He had propped both of his hands on the bed, and his back view exuded a murderous aura as though he was trying his best to tolerate something.

Curling the edges of her lips up, Su Qianxun looked as if she was smiling and frowning at the same time. She coldly said, “Sorry to have disturbed you!”

“You think too much. I was just talking to my subordinate. Don’t think that I am into Li Mengyao when I mentioned her name. I’m not blind!” Lu Yanzhi realized Su Qianxun’s mind probably thought of multiple tangled relationships between him and Li Mengyao.

‘How would I know whether you are blind or not?’ Su Qianxun muttered in her heart before saying indifferently, “I want to fetch Xiao Bai tomorrow to my house to live for a while.”

“I let him accompany you before, but you were unwilling and was bent on sending him back here.”

Regarding Li Mengyao, he had explained it so clearly yet why did she give him a treacherous look and a mocking, sarcastic smile?

Su Qianxun was shocked to the maximum.

Was this man bent on rubbing salt onto her wound? At that time, she wasn’t aware that Xiao Bai was her son because if she was, she wouldn’t send Xiao Bai back.

Su Qianxun glared at him before turning around to leave.

“Her temper is so short,” Lu Yanzhi helplessly muttered out as he looked at her back view.

Su Qianxun returned to her empty apartment and suddenly felt it was especially cold and empty. She really missed the days Xiao Bai stayed in her house.

Damn it! How could her paternity test go wrong?

Did Su Ya tamper with it just like how Shi Guang predicted?

The thought of how she had sent Xiao Bai back to the Lu residences before resurfaced on her mind. It made her so furious that she wanted to rush to the hospital just to punch Su Ya on the face. Although she was now no different from a living dead person, Su Qianxun still thought that a punch was too lenient on her.

Did she really have to marry Lu Yanzhi to live together with Xiao Bai?

Even if she married Lu Yanzhi for Xiao Bai, she wouldn’t have to see him on a daily basis for Lu Yanzhi was a soldier who spends most of his time outside. In a span of months, he would probably only stay at home for a few days at most.

Thinking about it, marrying him was not bad either.

They could still continue to live their own lives and give Xiao Bai a complete family.

But her heart… was uncomfortable. Even if it was all an act that year, she had enough of all the sins she bore.

That night, Su Qianxun fought hard to go to sleep. When she finally was able to do so, she kept tossing and turning in her bed. In her dream, she married Lu Yanzhi but divorced after a few days. It didn’t help that Li Mengyao was there and that she was holding a child in one hand and Lu Yanzhi on the other in an attempt to boast in front of her.

After a while, Lu Yanzhi told her that they were just acting and it was all necessary to complete the mission.

Following that, they got married again but Li Mengyao came back which led them to go their separate ways again. Just like that, the dream kept repeating as though an endless nightmare!