His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1276 - The Truth! So It Was All an Act! (6)

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Chapter 1276: The Truth! So It Was All an Act! (6)

Even if she scolded him as a bastard, he would never let go. He would rather that she cried in his arms than to allow her to smile in another’s embrace.

Especially after he figured out that she still cared for him, he would not allow her to have a blissful life with another man.

Lu Yanzhi looked down at Su Qianxun who was accompanying Xiao Bai downstairs. The mother and son chatted merrily and seeing this, his gaze slowly softened.

He tapped the stair railing with his finger in a rhythmic manner.

A few moments later, he took out his phone. “Xiao Wang, help me settle a matter!”

Xiao Bai had a storybook in his hand and held it in front of Su Qianxun. He acted cutely and said, “Mummy! Mummy, I know how to tell the story of ‘Little Tadpoles Look for Their Mom.’

“You already have a mummy and don’t need to find one. I am your mummy.” Su Qianxun gently caressed his face.

“I know but the little tadpoles have not found their mummy. Only when I finish the story, can they find their mummy.”

Xiao Bai quickly explained the whole story with his childish voice. “The warm spring came and the ice on the pond melted. Mummy frog slept for the whole winter and woke up. She crawled out of the mud hole and jumped into the pond…”

He even told the story with animated movements.

As he was narrating the part where the frog jumped into the water, he even jumped off the sofa and did a frog movement.

“One day, mummy duck brought her kids to play in the pond. Little tadpoles saw the little ducks following behind their mummy. So, they swam around and thought their mummy had come. Little tadpoles asked mummy duck, ‘Mummy, mummy, are you our mummy?’

Su Qianxun’s eyes went red as she bitterly smiled. “I am your mummy.”

Xiao Bai immediately shook his head. “Mummy is so dumb. The story doesn’t go like that…”

Su Qianxun frantically apologized, “Mummy is wrong. Please continue telling the story.”

“Mummy duck replied, ‘I am not your mummy. Your mummy has two large eyes and her mouth is wide and big. Go and find her yourselves…’

Xiao Bai illustrated as he spoke, and he danced around.

As he reached the end, he leaped into Su Qianxun’s embrace. “Ah! We found mummy! We found mummy! Good mummy, good mummy. I finally found you!”

Su Qianxun’s tears gushed out and she immediately pulled her son into her embrace. Her throat constricted as she muttered, “Mummy is here! Mummy will accompany and never leave Xiao Bai forever!”

She had acted in many touching stories such as stories involving love, friendship, and kinship. But never had any story made her so emotional like the one Xiao Bai narrated.

She wiped her tears away and her eyes curled up into an arc. She gently caressed Xiao Bai’s small face. “Is Xiao Bai willing to be together with mummy forever?”

Xiao Bai flashed a handsome smile and leaned on Qianxun. “I’m willing. I want to be together with daddy and mummy. Mummy, when are you going to move here to live with daddy and me?”

Su Qianxun was startled for a moment. She lowered her head as she looked at Xiao Bai’s eyes which were so similar to hers.

This did not seem to be Xiao Bai’s first time asking her such a question. Previously, she thought she was an outsider and did not further think that this question was related to her. But now, this question weighed a lot in her heart.

She asked, “If daddy and mummy cannot live together due to a certain reason…”

“Why?” Xiao Bai widened his eyes and looked at Su Qianxun plaintively. Displeased, he cried out, “Other people’s mummy and daddy live together every day, I also want to live with mummy and daddy every day!”