His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1275 - The Truth! So It Was All an Act! (5)

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Chapter 1275: The Truth! So It Was All an Act! (5)

But it was for six years. It was not even for six days or six months but for six long years.

No one knew how many hardships she had gone through in those years. After she had come back six years ago, she felt as though she was a zombie whose heart had been ripped open and dug out by someone, and it left a gaping hole in her chest. It was empty inside with only the cold wind blowing in it.

If it wasn’t for her father, she wouldn’t even know how she would have ended up.

Yet, now, he told her the truth and revealed that it was all an act? So, what did those six years mean?

Was there really no harm?

If she decided to forgo everything and get together with him all because Xiao Bai was their son, how could she answer to her miserable and lonely self all these years?

Looking at the tall and handsome man before her, she suddenly felt the fatigue sweeping her like a tornado, and it somehow made her a little breathless.

The room was so quiet and depressing that one could barely breathe.

She wanted to leave and turn around but stopped when she heard Lu Yanzhi’s voice from behind. “You don’t have to answer me now, you can take your time to consider.”

This time, Su Qianxun didn’t give an answer immediately and instead, she walked away.

Outside, the rustling sound of the wind blowing against the trees could be heard. It was then followed by a clap of thunder from the night sky and not long after, it rained. The rain splattered on the glass window making ‘di dong di dong’ sounds.

The whole city was engulfed in a layer of haze giving it a very mysterious vibe.

It resonated with Lu Yanzhi’s feelings—very dull.

Under the light’s shadow, he looked especially cold and handsome. It was as though he was masked under a layer of ice.

There was one thing he didn’t tell Qianxun—when the last operation began that year, Atucha was already suspicious of him so he could not find Qianxun alone.

But before he left, he let Li Mengyao tell Qianxun his real identity.

He let her and Li Mengyao prepare to leave.

However, in the end, it was only Li Mengyao who had left.

When he saw Qianxun again, he was faced with Qianxun’s slap.

At that time, did Qianxun think that he had let them save Li Mengyao and leave her behind?

When she gave birth to the child, only to realize later on that the child was dead, could she have thought that if he had rescued her then perhaps the child would have lived?

As such, she put all her anger on him. Not only did she hit him, but she also said many heartless words to him.

At that time, she looked so miserable while her walls crumbled down.

It was the first time that he had realized the paleness and uselessness of language. Even if he told her that he liked and loved her many times, it probably wouldn’t change her attitude towards him.

No wonder when he said he wanted to marry her, she scoffed and felt some sort of disdain towards him.

Just recently, a very popular movie was released. The story was about a couple who broke up over a small matter, but even after they went their own separate ways, they still cared for each other deep in their hearts.

However, they pretended to be cool about it and that they did not care for each other.

They secretly loved each other but had to compete with one another.

When both of them finally wanted to get back together, they realized that it wasn’t possible anymore.

Both of them could only pass by each other in regret and become familiar strangers.

Would they have the same ending?

Would they never go back again?

He once thought that Qianxun would leave him and marry another man to build her own family and have a blissful life. Just by the thought of it, the image blinded him.

He had an urge to destroy it!

Even if she scolded him as a bastard, he would never let go!