His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1274 - The Truth! So it Was All an Act! (4)

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Chapter 1274: The Truth! So it Was All an Act! (4)

Su Qianxun suddenly couldn’t find the correct words to express her feelings.

A child can’t live without his mother and definitely not without his father, too, especially that a father plays a far more important role than a mother during his growing years.

She played with her collar and thought for a long time before saying, “But you have been by his side for such a long time. It has been five years and I have already lost all those years with him. I don’t want to miss any opportunity anymore…”

As she said, her voice cracked and she choked.

Lu Yanchen’s eyes flickered and he cut her words off. “Let’s get married!”

Su Qianxun froze and looked at him dumbfounded.

Lu Yanzhi walked to her front and Su Qianxun looked at him in a daze. He spoke in a solemn tone, “I know things won’t be like it was before and you can’t possibly continue to pretend that Xiao Bai isn’t your son, but I cannot give him to you. Since both of us want Xiao Bai, the only thing we could do is to be together!”

Su Qianxun blinked her eyes and pursed her lips for she didn’t know what to say. “…”

“There’s only one Xiao Bai and if we want to live together with him, other than marriage, do you think there’s a better way?” asked Lu Yanzhi.

He paused and added, “Do you think that if we took this to court, you could take Xiao Bai away? I can tell you for sure that it is impossible! Even if you file a lawsuit, the judge definitely wouldn’t give the custody rights to you because it was me who had raised Xiao Bai in these five years. From the day Xiao Bai was born, he was with me and with my job. No matter which direction we look at, the kid will not go to you.”

Su Qianxun pursed her lips. “You mean you want us to have a marriage agreement for Xiao Bai’s sake?”

Lu Yanzhi clasped his hand together tightly as his cold and handsome face wore a cold facial expression.

Of course not, he didn’t just want marriage.

“If I say…”

“What you want to say isn’t important. Li Mengyao told me that both of you loved each other and she was pregnant with your child, and yet now you tell me that it was all an act and that you let Xiao Bai meet her for all these years all because she saved a dying Xiao Bai back then.”

Lu Yanzhi squinted his eyes slightly and asked in a stern tone, “She told you that?”

Su Qianxun looked into his eyes and she smiled sarcastically. “Did you know that I came across Li Mengyao, otherwise how would I know that she had changed her name? I have met her many times and every single time she hinted to me that Xiao Bai is her son. Since she was afraid that I would get suspicious, she often showed me how she was affectionate to you from time to time.”

At first, she didn’t like Xiao Bai’s existence. But that cute, smart, and adorable bunny was such a very likable kid that it was easy to get close to him.

Now that she thought about it, it was probably because they were related by blood.

Now that she found out that Xiao Bai was her son, she wanted to accompany him in his growing years and give him the motherly love he missed for all these years.

However, if she wanted to make up for Xiao Bai, she had to let Lu Yanzhi enter her life.

But it would be against her will.

Even if nothing happened between him and Li Mengyao back then, she was still unwilling.

For people who are not in a relationship or are not involved in the situation, they would always think that if a misunderstanding between a couple cleared up, they should end up together.