His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1273 - The Truth! So it Was All an Act! (3)

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Chapter 1273: The Truth! So it Was All an Act! (3)

Lu Yanzhi initially wanted to continue on however he thought for a while and decided against it. The way her tone of voice sounded so sour almost seemed to point out that his relationship with Li Mengyao bothered her.

Expectations glinted on his black pupils and he hoped it wasn’t just his wishful thinking. He pulled a smile that barely looked like a smile, and he casually said, “Are you jealous?”

“Jealous? Do I look like I am?” Su Qianxun furrowed her eyebrows and heaved a weird laugh. And while she did so, her heart raced faster than a beating drum, yet she tried to conceal how she felt that her face seemed void of expression.

“Xiao Bai told me that you wanted to marry Li Mengyao and make her his stepmother.” Xiao Bai obviously hadn’t said anything like that, but she knew she had to lie if she didn’t want Lu Yanzhi to probe on the issue about her being jealous.

Lu Yanzhi offered a deep gaze that made Su Qianxun very uncomfortable and unnatural. His gaze was so sharp that it seemed as though he could see through her, and just when she was about to speak again, Lu Yanzhi asked, “Do you still remember Atucha’s subordinate, Zarba?”

Su Qianxun remembered him, of course. He was an important person in the military camp and everybody called him Fourth Brother.

“Zarba escaped and he knew that I was undercover. He also knew that Li Mengyao had helped me. When he left, he said that he wanted to take revenge on Li Mengyao,” he explained. It was the reason that he kept in touch with Li Mengyao for all these years.

Su Qianxun: “…”

He only wanted to protect Li Mengyao or find Zarba through Li Mengyao, so why must he bring Xiao Bai along?

Lu Yanzhi seemed to know what she was thinking and said, “Li Mengyao’s son died when she gave birth to him. And when I found Xiao Bai, he only had one breath left. It was her who had fed Xiao Bai so he could live. She said that looking after Xiao Bai made her feel as though she was looking after her own son who had died during the operation. She pleaded with me that if he missed her own son, she would want to find Xiao Bai and eat a meal with him. With all of that, do you still think I can reject her?”

Taking Lu Yanzhi’s perspective into consideration, Su Qianxun knew he couldn’t reject Li Mengyao’s request. But then again, she was still very angry and couldn’t find the guts to forgive him.

Because although Li Mengyao didn’t say it explicitly, she kept giving hints that Xiao Bai was her son…

“No matter what, thank you for saving my son and thank you for raising him into such a smart and cute boy, but…”

Her words sounded a little off and Lu Yanzhi’s eyes squinted dangerously before hearing Su Qianxun say, “I want the custody rights.”

Lu Yanzhi unmovingly stared at her face. Her tone didn’t sound like she was asking or negotiating this matter with him. It was more like a prompt decision that she wanted custody rights over Xiao Bai instead of raising the child with him.

He turned his head and scoffed.

“Su Qianxun, you threw him away after you gave birth to him which proves you never cared about him, yet now you’re saying that you want to take him away? Do you understand his needs? When did he call for his mummy, where were you? Do you know when he learned how to walk? Do you know who taught him how to walk… You never participated in any of it! Now that you know about his existence, the first thing you tell me is you want his custody rights?”

Su Qianxun’s facial expression changed. She lowered her eyes as she softened her tone of voice. “Didn’t we just talk about how all of this was just a misunderstanding? I thought he was… I never said I didn’t want the kid. But you should know that no matter what, a kid cannot go without his mother. Didn’t you realize that Xiao Bai wanted a mother, too?”

“A kid cannot live without his mother. Well, in that case, can he live without a father?” Lu Yanzhi raised his eyebrows as sternly as a sharp blade, that it might have as well directly stabbed into Su Qianxun’s heart.