His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1272 - The Truth! So it Was All a Trap! (2)

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Chapter 1272: The Truth! So it Was All a Trap! (2)

Since it was an emergency, his ally lured the enemy away to allow him to return to the military camp safely, but he could not return to his house or let anyone know the exact time he was back to avoid Atucha’s suspicion.

At that moment, Li Mengyao found him and carefully said, “I saw you with that man, you are not a cop.”

He definitely wouldn’t admit it and tried to speak the way he normally does, but his gaze was dangerously cold. “Of course not!”

“Even if you are not a cop, you are definitely an undercover, am I right?” As Li Mengyao had asked as her voice heavily trembled.

He pursed his lips and went deep in thought. How much did Li Mengyao actually see or hear? If all plans were to change because of her, she definitely cannot stay at the military camp anymore. He must find a way to get her out but that would definitely arouse Atucha’s suspicion.

“Are you filming a movie?” he had asked in a cold and casual tone of voice—it even had a hint of sarcasm. And while he said that, he lit up a cigarette with a lighter.

If he had to admit that he was a soldier, he could not disregard the law and silence her by death.

“Stop lying to me, I heard everything. You asked that person to find a way to bring Qianxun out,” said Li Mengyao with red eyes.

‘She actually heard the most important line.’ He suddenly turned irritated as he furrowed his eyebrows. With a deep voice, he warned, “If you don’t want to die, you better keep your mouth shut.”

“I don’t have the intention to spill your secrets. I only want to beg you to save me, too. I also want to leave this place. As long as you are willing to save me, I will do anything you want. Please, I beg you…” Her voice cracked when she started talking and by the time she finished, she was already crying.

Since Li Mengyao saw it, he couldn’t treat it as if nothing happened. Li Mengyao had already spilled the plan out, and although it wouldn’t be a problem for him to escape the military camp, what about Qianxun?

He couldn’t leave her behind but if he brought her along, both of them wouldn’t be able to escape.

He agreed to Li Mengyao’s request for two reasons; one, she already found out his plans; two, he needed an eyewitness to prove that he wasn’t at the scene. As such, she played an act with him for the time being.

But even if she didn’t beg for him to rescue her, as a soldier, he would definitely still do so.

It was every Chinese soldier’s responsibility to protect Chinese citizens!

That night, he had spent the night at Li Mengyao’s house and had walked out of Li Mengyao’s house the next day. Hence, everyone thought he had slept with Li Mengyao.

After that, he stayed at Li Mengyao’s house a couple of times, but both he and Li Mengyao knew that he didn’t even touch Li Mengyao’s hand.

It was all an act?

Su Qianxun was stumped. “…”

However, thinking back, it was after Lu Yanzhi slept at Li Mengyao’s house that the guards at the military camp suddenly imposed tight security.

Those on patrol and stand sentry increased by more than three times.

It was because they almost found Lu Yanzhi.

However, even if the child wasn’t Lu Yanzhi’s child, that wouldn’t mean both of them were innocent.

If it wasn’t because they had feelings for each other, why would they still keep in touch? Besides, what happened at the military camp wasn’t really a good thing. If it was good, then why would Li Anyuan even change her name to Li Mengyao?

Su Qianxun coughed.

She pursed her lips and said, “But your relationship with her these few years doesn’t seem bad. I heard from Xiao Bai that you would bring him out to have a meal with Li Mengyao so you cannot blame me for thinking that Xiao Bai was Li Mengyao’s son.”