His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1271 - The Truth! So it Was All a Trap! (1)

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Chapter 1271: The Truth! So it Was All a Trap! (1)

Su Qianxun was stunned. “How could this be? That year, I checked many times and even hugged him. But…”

Suspicion was etched on her face and a sense of bewilderment gushed up within her.

Why was her child not breathing when she hugged him? And yet he was still breathing when Lu Yanzhi found him?

That meant the child she hugged was not hers. But then, whose child was it then? The medical advancement in that village was far behind times at that point, and a few more pregnant women were around to give birth as well. Her stomach tossed and turned in pain for two days before she went into labor.

After she gave birth, she was already worn out that her whole body had collapsed in exhaustion. She was so tired. While in a daze, she heard a baby’s cry echoing in the delivery room and felt the nanny put the baby beside her.

When she regained some of her strength, she opened her eyes and looked at the baby beside her. He did not make a fuss and so she thought he was asleep, but she realized later on that the baby was not breathing.

That year, the nanny who had helped her deliver the baby died in the hands of the drug traffickers when the village was destroyed.

She had no one to confirm if someone had switched her baby when she was weak.

“That year, if the baby lying beside me was not my child, then whose was it?” At that time, she was not the only one pregnant for Li Mengyao was pregnant too.

Lu Yanzhi looked at her. On his face, sincerity and sternness mixed together, a mixture she had never seen before. “Li Mengyao’s child was not mine.”

“If the child was not yours then whose was it? It can’t be that she slept with other men?”

The distrust in her tone of voice made Lu Yanzhi’s face darken. “Don’t make it sound like I’m who you imagined me to be.”

Su Qianxun was speechless. What did he mean by that? Was he not? The emotions in Lu Yanzhi’s face looked complicated.

There was anger, disappointment, and helplessness… Su Qianxun furrowed her brows. What was he so angry and disappointed about? It was as though she did something wrong.

The situation at that time was clearly like what she said.

“I have not lost my memory!” she impolitely said.

Lu Yanzhi’s facial expression and gaze turned even more serious.

He said, “It was not a peaceful period and at that time, I was given an undercover mission. You should know what happened afterward. I was not the only undercover and I was supposed to attack the enemy from the inside while another undercover would follow up from the side. We were found out when I met up with him that day, and in order to protect me, he purposely exposed himself to divert attention.”

Su Qianxun looked at him in doubt, wondering what that incident had got to do with Li Mengyao.

Atucha was the biggest drug dealer in the Golden Triangle. They were cunning and cautious. All these years, they had troubled governments of countries within the Golden Triangle. They would always have a well-thought-out and detailed plan before they carried out their dealings, and in instances that their subordinates are caught, clues are instantly cut off.

During that time, they had strategized plans for the arrest mission for over a year, and he had been undercover for over a year. They even had to sacrifice a comrade before.

The mission this time should not have any slips up. If not, everyone’s hard work would have been wasted!

He would not and could not break the rules for her. He was a soldier and would not let personal feelings put his comrade in danger.

That day, a mishap had happened when he met up with the undercover member outside.