His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1270 - What? Xiao Bai Was Her Son! (10)

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Chapter 1270: What? Xiao Bai Was Her Son! (10)

All these years, she had always thought Xiao Bai was not her son and was instead the child of another woman, hence she was unconcerned and she even ignored him.

His son looked so similar to her so how did she not suspect at all?

Also, his child’s age. If she counted, she would have known when the child was born. Moreover, it was not a secret when he brought the child home and everybody knew. How could she have not known who the child belonged to?

That period of time, they were trapped there. Other than her, who else would he have a child with?

Wait a minute—he suddenly thought of an extremely absurd probability that never crossed his mind before.

Lu Yanzhi squinted his eyes and it gave out a sense of danger.

Seeing that his daddy did not reply and only stared at mummy, Xiao Bai softly called out in the midst of being suffocated. “Mummy?”

Su Qianxun realized that she used too much strength and immediately let go of him. She apologized, “Sorry, Xiao Bai.”

She had not known that he was alive and had left him for five years. She was even extremely displeased when she first met him. She gave him the cold shoulder and poured out all her pent up displeased emotions towards Li Mengyao to him.

She was indeed the least qualified mummy in the whole world.

Xiao Bai blinked his big, bright, black eyes, and he looked towards the agitated woman in front of him. “Mummy, it’s okay.”

Tears filled her eyes for a long time and when she heard Xiao Bai call her mummy and told her it was okay, her tears uncontrollably flowed out.

“Mummy, why did you cry?” Xiao Bai became frantic. His white and short hands quickly helped Su Qianxun wipe away her tears.

Su Qianxun smiled. “Mummy is fine. Mummy is just happy because of Xiao Bai. Mummy is too happy after seeing Xiao Bai.”

Xiao Bai laughed. “I realized mummy is really weird today. It’s as if you love me so much.”

Su Qianxun smiled at him. “Of course, mummy loves you a lot! Does Xiao Bai love mummy?”

Xiao Bai looked at her with an affirmative gaze. “Of course, I love mummy the most…”

After he spoke, he realized Lu Yanzhi was standing at the side and immediately smiled before he added two more sentences. “I love daddy the most too! I love to be with daddy and mummy.”

Lu Yanzhi’s icy cold gaze unconsciously softened as he raised his hand and caressed Xiao Bai’s thick hair. He then softly said, “Daddy and mummy have to talk. Go and play for a while. Later, mummy will eat lunch with you.”

Xiao Bai was unwilling. “…”

Su Qianxun was unwilling too. “…”

Both of them glared at the “Baddie” who was going to separate them.

But they had to succumb under his oppression.

In the quiet room, Lu Yanzhi asked Su Qianxun if she wanted to do a paternity test again.

Su Qianxun’s breathing was heavy, for she had not yet gotten over the shock that Xiao Bai was her son. She breathed in and tried to calm down. After a moment, she shook her head gently. “No need, I believe that Xiao Bai is my son.”

Lu Yanzhi had a solemn expression. He looked as though a dark shadow was cast over him before he suddenly thought of something and asked her, “You never felt that Xiao Bai was your son?”

Su Qianxun pursed her lips in uneasiness. “That year, when I gave birth to the child, the child had already stopped breathing.”

Lu Yanzhi coldly said, “When I went to find Xiao Bai in the forest, he still had a feeble breath of air left.”

Su Qianxun was stunned. “How could this be? That year, I checked many times and even hugged him. But…”