His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1268 - What? Xiao Bai Was Her Son! (8)

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Chapter 1268: What? Xiao Bai Was Her Son! (8)

Su Qianxun sat up and walked into the bathroom without saying anything.

After she finished taking a bath, she was energized. She walked out to find Lu Yanzhi gone. She changed her clothes and proceeded downstairs. She realized that Lu Yanzhi had already cooked breakfast.

She did not say anything and sat opposite Lu Yanzhi.

But she did not have the intention to eat and merely stared calmly at Lu Yanzhi. With a cold stare and cold tone, she said, “I’ve thought about it.”

Lu Yanzhi raised his head as his gaze remained calm and asked, “What have you thought about?”

“Yesterday, you said you wanted us to get married. I have already thought about it. Lu Yanzhi…” Su Qianxun paused for a while before she said with a calm tone, “I’m not going to marry you.”

Her voice was soft yet when it landed on Lu Yanzhi’s heart, it was deafening.

Instantly, the entire room fell so silent that one could hear a pin drop.

Lu Yanzhi had an emotionless expression and seemed very calm. When in fact, there was a raging fire in his heart, he felt as if he was thrown into a stove and all he wanted to do was explode in anger.

However, no matter how his heart fumbled around in waves, his face remained emotionless. He calmly took out a document and pushed it towards Su Qianxun. “Yesterday, I said I had something to tell you.”

‘He had something to say yet he had bad intentions, pervert!’ Su Qianxun lifted her eyes up and looked at him and scolded him in her heart.

But she did not lose out yesterday since she would just treat it as one of the eight times. She did not want him to think that what they did meant something to her.

She took over the document and opened it. Then, she pulled out an A4 sized paper and she saw ‘Paternity Test’ as the heading.

Su Qianxun froze. She looked at Lu Yanzhi, her eyes filled with curiosity.

He actually did a DNA test again, was it between her and Xiao Bai?

But Lu Yanzhi did not look at her again and merely took up his chopsticks to slowly eat his breakfast.

Su Qianxun held it tightly and felt nervous all of a sudden. What Shi Guang had told her flashed through her mind.

Even if she knew the result, her heart still had a streak of hope that Xiao Bai could be her son.

No matter how her heart knew that such chances were close to zero.

Seeing as she had no movements, Lu Yanzhi raised his eyes. His sharp and deep eyes seemed as though it could see past her. “Are you suspecting that Xiao Bai is not your son?”

The calmness she had earlier was long gone.

Her breathing was labored and she had a shocked expression. She tried to remain calm before coldly saying, “I’m not suspecting, but the paternity test showed that Xiao Bai is not my son.”

“You are so dumb. Such a simple matter and you still got it wrong. See for yourself,” Lu Yanzhi scolded her as his temper rose.

Su Qianxun froze for a moment and her brain stopped all activities. She could not remember anything for everything had turned white and blank as she stared at Lu Yanzhi in a daze.

Could it be that she really got it wrong?

Could it be that Xiao Bai was really her son?

Her hand slowly pulled out the paternity test report from the envelope. She saw her and Xiao Bai’s name on the report as she continued to pull it out. She was so nervous that her chest puffed up and down. At a loss, she glanced at Lu Yanzhi.