His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1265 - What? Xiao Bai Was Her Son! (5)

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Chapter 1265: What? Xiao Bai Was Her Son! (5)

As Su Qianxun felt his breath on her cheek, her heart skipped a beat. Su Qianxun thought that she must have been very drunk for her to think that Lu Yanzhi’s embrace was very warm.

Her eyelids felt very heavy, but she forced herself to calm down and come back to her senses.

“Get lost!” she snarled.

“To where?” he replied calmly.

Su Qianxun loved to drink. Whenever she is happy, she likes to have a drink. Whenever she is unhappy, she must have a drink. When other people are happy, she accompanies them for drinks. When other people are unhappy, she would also drink with them. She was just like a drunk cat.

“You can get lost wherever you want! You just have to let go of me,” she yelled.

Lu Yanzhi raised his eyebrows slightly before silently letting her go.

Su Qianxun didn’t think that Lu Yanzhi would really let go of her, considering how she didn’t have a good grip on her balance and her body tilted sideways. She immediately found herself falling down as soon as he stopped supporting her waist with his hand.

“Ah!” shrieked Su Qianxun in fear. She instinctively reached out to grab something to prevent her from falling.

With her body hanging in the air, she opened her eyes slowly and realized that her hand grasped Lu Yanzhi’s sleeve tightly.

Lu Yanzhi stared at her hand and looked at her with a stern face. “Do you still want me to get lost?” he asked.

Su Qianxun’s eyes widened in shock. “…”

She was so angry she wanted to go into a biting spree, but she was afraid that Lu Yanzhi would let go of her again, so she let out a fake laugh instead.

Lu Yanzhi pulled her into a tight embrace again before he carried her into his arms. The situation made them seem like they were a couple. They were so close to each other that it made it impossible for Su Qianxun not to hear Lu Yanzhi’s heartbeats.

Su Qianxun was still in a state of confusion as every nerve in her body started to tremble, her head also started feeling heavier. Eventually, her vision started to blur and she could no longer think.

Lu Yanzhi carried her and laid her on the sofa.

As she saw him leave, Su Qianxun closed her eyes and didn’t care about Lu Yanzhi any further.

Lu Yanzhi made his way to the kitchen to make her a cup of honey water, he noticed her furrowed eyebrows and how uncomfortable she looked as he left.

He helped her up gently and placed the cup to her lips.

“Drink it,” he ordered.

Su Qianxun opened her eyes slightly and saw the man before her. His eyes were mysterious, making it difficult for people to guess what he was thinking, but then it had a dominating presence which made people have no choice but to follow what he said.

A rebellious feeling grew in her heart as she refused to drink. “You poured me a cup of water so willingly, how do I know if it’s not poisoned?”

“Can poison kill you?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” said Su Qianxun, confused.

“Troublemakers always live long,” Lu Yanzhi replied blankly.

“You are the troublemaker not me,” she debated.

“Forget it, I will not waste my breath on drunkards,” he replied exhaustingly.

Lu Yanzhi was sure that Su Qianxun was drunk now. Whenever Su Qianxun got drunk, despite how natural and clear-minded she seemed, her expression and the way she talked would resemble that of a child, this gave her off.

Su Qianxun glared at him before yelling. “You are the drunkard! A big drunkard!”

“Alright, I am a big drunkard.” Lu Yanzhi placed the cup of honey water to her lips again.

“I don’t want to drink water,” she argued.

“What do you want to drink then? Vinegar?” asked Lu Yanzhi teasingly.

“You are so weird, why would I drink vinegar?” Su Qianxun prolonged her words as she looked very displeased. “Who do you think you are? Why must I drink your vinegar[1]?”

With that said, she turned around, turning her back at Lu Yanzhi.

Lu Yanzhi pursed his lips and remained silent. His line of sight landed on her as she shut her eyes. Her long eyelashes moved slightly and she looked very blissful and peaceful.

[1] To drink vinegar can also mean to be sour or jealous.