His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1263 - What? Xiao Bai Was Her Son! (3)

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Chapter 1263: What? Xiao Bai Was Her Son! (3)

His answer was crueler than him saying he didn’t like her!

Back then, he treated her so well that it led her to think that he liked her, hence the treatment. Yet the words that he uttered that day made her feel as though somebody had poured a bucket of cold water onto her.

And this cold water made her realize how much of a fool she was!

Shi Guang couldn’t believe it. “What the hell? What did you say? Big brother actually said that he only liked women in bed? What does he even mean?”

“He meant that it doesn’t matter who I am, I weigh nothing in his heart.” Su Qianxun laughed sarcastically.

“Did you hear it wrong?” Shi Guang couldn’t believe that Big brother would say such words. He even said that to another woman.

“I did not hear it wrongly. I heard it very clearly. So, do you think I will like a man like that? A man who only knows how to bully me and step over me. A man who doesn’t treat me the way I should be treated, I am not a masochist…”

As her words hit her anger point, Su Qianxun chugged down the wine in her glass.

She didn’t need Lu Yanzhi’s love because it was too cheap.

Shi Guang accompanied her and drank all the wine in her glass as well.

Su Qianxun poured herself another glass as well as for Shi Guang. Shi Guang still wanted to know more and probed Su Qianxun. “Could there be a reason behind that? What was the situation back then? Is there a possibility that…”

She hoped that Su Qianxun would make things clearer as she knew too little about Su Qianxun and Lu Yanzhi’s past.

“There’s no other possibility! Stop probing!” Su Qianxun didn’t want to continue chatting about her and Lu Yanzhi. She smiled and asked Shi Guang, “Didn’t you say that you liked Qin Muyun’s songs? He is singing the theme song for the movie I am currently investing in. Do you want his signature?”

“I want! I even want to meet him and take a photo with him, can I?”

“No problem.”

“I heard that he is gay, is it true?”

After that, both of them started gossiping about entertainment news in which Shi Guang drank another glass of wine in the process. With two glasses of wine down her throat, Shi Guang had become dead drunk and the image of Su Qianxun before her seemed to be a little blurry.

Su Qianxun, on the other hand, was still considered clear-headed although she was a little drunk. They had already finished off a bottle of wine. Shi Guang only drank two small glasses while Su Qianxun had the rest.

After Shi Guang got drunk, she laid on the sofa and scolded Lu Yanchen in an unhappy note. “Lu Yanchen, you idiot! I hate you! You actually dared to find another woman behind my back.”

Su Qianxun opened another bottle of wine. “Didn’t you say that he was helping Chu Mubei find one? He didn’t find another woman for himself.”

“His new assistant is a woman. Anyway, I am angry and I want to break up with him,” complained Shi Guang.

“It’s not bad to break up. Break up for a few days or a few months and he would know how to care for you in the future.” Su Qianxun’s face was flushed red and she looked very sexy and alluring, just like a thousand-year-old vampire.

“Why are you being like this? Don’t people always say that they would rather tear down ten temples than ruin a marriage? Other people always persuade couples to reconcile rather than break up, but you didn’t even persuade me to reconcile with Lu Yanchen and even told me to break up with him?” Shi Guang looked at her with displeasure and unhappiness etched on her face, after which she closed her eyes and fainted.

Just then, Shi Guang’s phone rang but she was already sleeping as dead as a pig and didn’t seem to want to answer the phone.

Su Qianxun took over the phone and placed it in front of Shi Guang. “Lu Yanchen is calling you.”

Shi Guang mumbled, “Lu Yanchen, you idiot!”

Her voice slurred as she said that. She then turned her body and continued sleeping.