His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1262 - What? Xiao Bai Was Her Son! (2)

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Chapter 1262: What? Xiao Bai Was Her Son! (2)

“How can you be so sure? What if he is?” asked Shi Guang as she could not take Su Qianxun’s stubbornness.

However, what Shi Guang didn’t know was back then, Su Qianxun had seen with her very two eyes that when her baby was born, it had stopped breathing. Her son had already left this world even when he was still in her womb, so how could Xiao Bai be her son?

“If we take the test again and Xiao Bai is really your son, would you marry Big brother?” asked Shi Guang.

Without even thinking twice, Su Qianxun replied with determination, “No way!”

Shi Guang was dumbfounded. “Why? Both of you already have a kid so why would you still refuse to be together with him? I could sense that Big Brother likes you a lot and that you have feelings for Big brother. If that’s the case, why don’t you give him a chance? It’s still better than having an arranged marriage with Shi Ze back then!”

Su Qianxun took a sip of her wine and closed her eyes as she gave a faint smile. “You’re wrong. Your Big brother doesn’t like me.”

“How do you know that he doesn’t like you?” With that said, Shi Guang smiled evilly. “Could it be that you have confessed and Big brother rejected you?”


“In that case, why did you say that Big brother doesn’t like you? How do you know? You heard it from somebody else?”

“I heard it from your Big brother personally…” Su Qianxun replied and then leaned against the sofa. Memories of that day started flooding her mind once more.

On that night, it was a starry night out and it had been a long while since he last left home. She had already made dinner for them and waited for him to come back. However, even after the food had turned cold, he was still not around. When someone finally told her that he had arrived, she immediately ran outside to greet him.

She saw him sitting on a rockery in the village with a bottle of alcohol in his hands. He drank the bottle of alcohol while playing with a black military dagger. He had a cold expression on his face and was looking ahead, making it difficult for people to guess what he was thinking about.

She was about to walk over when she saw Li Mengyao walking to his side and even said thank you for his present.

‘What kind of present was that? Why did he give Li Mengyao a present? I was his woman and I accompanied him every day, but he has never given me a present before,’ she thought.

She had to admit that at that time, she was really unhappy and was a little scared. She was scared that he didn’t want her anymore and that she had to face a horrifying and tragic ending.

She initially wanted to pretend that she didn’t come out to find him and just quietly leave, but she stopped upon hearing Li Mengyao ask Lu Yanzhi, “Do you like Qianxun?”

At that moment, her entire being became stiff and her heart skipped a beat. Her surroundings were so dead quiet that she could hear the thumping sound of her heart.

She had to admit that at that time, she was really nervous. It was as if she had fallen into that magic cellar again and experienced the tension and anxiety all over again.

She held her breath carefully and pricked her ears up as she waited for Lu Yanzhi’s answer.

She thought that the answer could only be yes or no. She even remembered that she even contemplated what she would do if he answered either of it.

In the end, his answer caught her by surprise.

He raised his head to drink a big gulp of alcohol. With a cold tone of voice, he said, “I only like women in bed.”

Those words could only mean one thing—she was no different than the women in the village or even a prostitute. He had no feelings for any woman.

He liked and possessed a woman only because she looked pretty.

This kind of woman, even if it was not Su Qianxun, could have been another woman or another pretty lady—everyone was basically the same for him.