His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1261 - What? Xiao Bai Was Her Son! (1)

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Chapter 1261: What? Xiao Bai Was Her Son! (1)

Shi Guang creased her forehead and had no strength to badmouth or bother with Su Qianxun so she changed the topic. “Where is the alcohol? Since I’m not going, drinking at your house is the same.”

Su Qianxun’s devilish, phoenix eyes looked at her with a humoring glance. “You will be drunk after a glass of alcohol yet you still want to drink?”

She stood up and walked towards the bar. She took a bottle of red wine and two glasses. Returning back to the living room, she filled the glasses with wine. In one glass, she only poured a little and placed it in front of Shi Guang.

Shi Guang furrowed her brows and pushed the glass cup back. “Don’t underestimate me. Pour more, I want to have my cup filled to the brim like yours.”

Su Qianxun raised her brow and looked at her before pouring a little more into her glass cup.

She raised the glass of wine and clinked with Shi Guang’s. Shi Guang carefully put her glass against her lips and through it, she saw how Su Qianxun had put her neck up to drink all the wine in one gulp. Shi Guang was shocked. “I’m the one who feels terrible, and I haven’t even finished drinking. Why did you drink so much?”

Su Qianxun placed the glass down and poured another glass for herself. As she tasted the wine in her mouth again, she warned, “With your poor alcohol tolerance, you are only allowed to drink a glass of wine.”

Her whole body lazily leaned back on the sofa to a casual posture. She looked like a drunken beauty.

Shi Guang took two sips of wine and looked at Su Qianxun who seemed like she was enjoying the wine. Bewildered, she asked, “I don’t think alcohol tastes good at all. But why do you look like you are drinking the most flavorful wine brew in the world?”

Su Qianxun smiled. “Even if I use all of the descriptive words in the world to tell people who can’t enjoy the taste of wine about how wine makes one so happy, they still wouldn’t understand.”

Shi Guang pursed her lips and took a sip of wine. When she swallowed it, her whole face frowned.

As she thought, it tasted terrible.

After she drank half of the wine in the cup, she sprawled over the handle of the sofa. Su Qianxun was sitting beside her and so she took the opportunity to ask, “Little aunt, where is your paternity test report?”

“I threw it.” Why was she asked about the paternity test report again?

“Why did you throw it? That was your paternity test report! But it doesn’t matter if you threw it since we are going to do a new one anyway…” Shi Guang thought about her suspicion earlier. She originally wanted to tell Lu Yanchen but she forgot because she was too angry with him yesterday.

“Why do you also want to do a new paternity test?” Su Qianxun was suspicious. Could it be that someone had tampered with the paternity test report between her and Xiaobai?

Shi Guang asked, “Does the paternity test report say that Xiao Bai has no blood relation with you?”

Su Qianxun nodded her head. “Yes.”

Shi Guang’s face had an enlightened look. “So that’s why you always deny that Xiao Bai was your son. It’s not because you said it in a fit of anger, but because the test revealed that Xiao Bai was not your son!”

Su Qianxun furrowed her brows in bewilderment. “Xiao Bai is indeed not my son.”

Shi Guang held Su Qianxun’s hand. “Listen to me, Su Ya previously taunted us that there was one thing that we will never ever know, and that has bothered me for a time being now. It was just recently that I recalled the day we underwent a DNA test—between you and me, and the other one was between you and Xiao Bai. I was afraid that Su Ya might have tampered with the result since she was afraid that it would expose our relationship. But then, she might have accidentally got it wrong and tampered with your and Xiao Bai’s report. Oh right… Just now, you mentioned ‘also‘. Who else was going to do a new paternity test report?”

Su Qianxun was shocked by Shi Guang’s wisdom to the point that her jaws gaped.

She pursed her lips and said, “Lu Yanzhi. However, even if the report was not tampered with, Xiao Bai should not be my son either.”