His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1260 - Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (40)

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Chapter 1260: Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (40)

Lu Yanzhi said he wanted to do a paternity test again.

But won’t the result be the same?

No matter how many times they do it with the same two people, the result will not change. Su Qianxun lay on her bed and felt troubled.

At that moment, her phone rang.

She looked at it and saw that it was Shi Guang. She gloomily asked, “What’s wrong?”

Shi Guang’s tone was even gloomier and was extremely miserable. “Little aunt, do you have time to have a drink with me? I’m very sad right now.”

Drink with her? She was a person who gets drunk with just a glass of alcohol and yet she actually asked for them to drink together? Did hell freeze over? Su Qianxun said in surprise, “Why are you sad?”

Shi Guang cried out, “Lu Yanchen bullied me. I want to break up with him.”

She was already married, so what was the use of breaking up! It was obvious that she was toying with her. Su Qianxun looked at the ceiling. “What kind of joke is that? Did you think that I came from an alien planet?”

Who was not aware that she and Lu Yanchen act coquettishly to each other every day? They were so sweet that it was sickening. It could even torture a whole pack of single dogs.

“I’m serious! I think he had gone too far this time. The day before yesterday, he purposely found a pretty assistant to make me jealous. Last night, he went out with Chu Mubei to play and Chu Mubei, that brat, actually found a woman to drink with Lu Yanzhi. It’s pissing me to death!”

“Did Lu Yanchen agree to it?”

“He didn’t but I’m still angry. I’m so pissed. Come fast and comfort me, I’m feeling terrible!”

Yesterday, she went to a private room. Smoke haze had filled it and the stench of alcohol, cigarettes, and perfume smell of women permeated the air. Despite Chu Mubei, that brat, wanting to court Shen Yiren, he played with girls every day. His definition of like was so worthless.

“Okay, okay! Since Chu Mubei found him a woman to drink with, I’ll find a handsome man to drink with you.”

“Really? Ok! Then, bring me to find some handsome boys to play around. I want to make Lu Yanchen jealous to death.”

However, after she drove to Su Qianxun’s house, she backed out again. She looked at Su Qianxun and weakly lowered her head. She muttered out, “I think it’s better if I don’t do it. If Lu Yanchen was to find out that I found a man to drink with me, he would definitely be so angry and choke me to death.”

“Useless!” Su Qianxun poured a glass of water for her and her finger poked at her brain. “I think you can never escape from Lu Yanchen’s grasp in this life.”

“Why can’t he be the one who can’t escape from my grasp!” Shi Guang said indignantly.

“Your… IQ is way below Lu Yanchen’s.”

“Am I dumb?”

“You’re not dumb, it’s just that Lu Yanchen’s intelligence is too devilish. He is not normal. I think maybe Feifei can easily stick her nose up against him, while you have zero chance of retaliation. The fact that you can move around so freely is all because Lu Yanchen is letting you have your way.”

Su Qianxun expressed that it was tiring to deal with intelligent people. She still preferred to marry a simple man.

Although Lu Yanzhi and Lu Yanchen are brothers, their personalities are totally different. Lu Yanzhi seemed to be a much simpler man than him.

Wait a minute, why did she think of Lu Yanzhi out of nowhere?

How was Lu Yanzhi a simple man? The best ability of an undercover was to pretend and their acting skills are even better than those of movie stars.

Shi Guang muttered, “If you are so good, go and subdue big brother for me to see.”

Su Qianxun’s face darkened and she said in a strict tone, “Where have you digressed to? Lu Yanzhi and I are strangers, how can we be compared to you and Lu Yanzhi who are already a couple? If you continue to make dumb comparisons, I will call Lu Yanchen and tell him that you asked me to bring you to find some handsome men.”