His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1259 - Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (39)

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Chapter 1259: Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (39)

“In the car. Xiao Bai opened the door at 6 o’clock in the morning.”

On that sleepless night, he thought a lot in the car.

For all these years, he buried her deep in his memory and thought that everything that happened between them would disappear over time.

However, the more he rejected, the harder it was to forget.

He thought that he could lie to himself and forget about her, but the more he did so, the more she kept circling around in his brain—not even her color in his memory faded away.

Whenever they met, the calmer he tried to be, the more delirious he became.

Every time he faced her, he would lose control.

He found himself thousands of reasons for ‘he cannot, he should not.’

As though endless suffering because of a moment’s pleasure.

Su Qianxun was slightly surprised. “…”

Did he mean that after a night of contemplation, under his careful consideration, he decided to marry her?


Just because yesterday night, she instinctively saved him?

Thus, he felt that he liked her, missed her, and now he wanted to marry her?

He went bonkers!

In this world, a lot of girls liked him and were willing to save him, yet why had he not married any of them?

Lu Yanzhi could faintly feel Su Qianxun’s rejection, but then again, he knew that she would not easily agree to his proposal. Hence, before she could give him a clear answer, he opened his mouth and said, “You don’t have to give me an immediate response. You can think about it. For now, I’ll bring Xiao Bai home first.”

With that said, he wanted to leave.

The moment he turned around, Su Qianxun immediately felt how the cold surrounding air turned warmer as though slowly giving her freedom. Her breathing became comfortable after.

She looked at Lu Yanzhi’s back view and said, “No need. I don’t have the hobby of being someone’s stepmother.”


Su Qianxun had a serious look and expressed, “Xiao Bai is really adorable and I really fancy him. But no matter how much I like him, I’ve never thought about being his stepmother.”

“Su Qianxun, do you know what you’re saying?” Lu Yanzhi walked closer to her. His cold and sharp, black eyes hid his weird feelings.

“What?” Su Qianxun was confused and began to wonder.

Lu Yanzhi kept his gaze on her face. Other than her startled expression, there were no other emotions evident.

He slightly furrowed his brows but his expression remained the same—emotions in his face indecipherable. “Where is the paternity test report?”

Su Qianxun replied, “I threw it!”

She took a step back and he stepped a step forward. Behind her was a wall and there was nowhere else for her to retreat to.

“It’s such an important thing and you actually randomly threw it away?” Lu Yanzhi questioned her. With a hand against the wall, he trapped her between the wall and himself.

His strong oppressive aura made Su Qianxun dizzy that even her breathing became faint. “Lu Yanzhi, what are you trying to do?”

Lu Yanzhi said nothing and raised his hand high. Su Qianxun kept her gaze on his hand and upon seeing him raise it, she thought he was going to hit her.

When she opened her eyes again, her heart was beating so fast that it nearly flew right out of her mouth.

There was a sting of pain and she let out a cry.


Lu Yanzhi sighed in helplessness. “Why did you shout so loud? If people didn’t know better, they would think that I hit you!”

Of course, he did not hit her. He just took out two strands of hair from her.

Su Qianxun snapped back to her senses and the curiosity in her eyes increased. “Why did you..”

The light in Lu Yanzhi’s black eyes looked as though it could bore through one’s soul. “Since you threw it away, let’s do it one more time.”

Su Qianxun’s brain was throbbing yet she gave a confused expression. “What?”

“Paternity test.”