His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1253 - Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (33)

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Chapter 1253: Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (33)

Lu Yanzhi sat in his car, feeling terrible.

That year, they had conflicts regarding pregnancy. Initially, she really did not want a child as she was extremely scared. She allowed him to bring her to the hospital but it was not possible as she could not leave.

He said that she could only choose to do a medical abortion.

She hesitated for a moment but eventually agreed.

He was very angry. He wanted children, hence he scared her by exaggerating the residual effects of medical abortion. The mild residual effect would be the inability to give birth to children in the future, while the more serious effect would be losing her life.

Finally, she relented as she was scared, thus, she decided to give birth to the child.

During then, he was already an adult and had enough power to control everything, and naturally, he was capable of taking responsibility.

Actually, she was just nineteen years of age then. The initial reaction of any nineteen-year-old would be to resort to abortion once they found out they were pregnant.

However, at that time, he thought it was because of his disguise that led her to mistake his identity and therefore rendered her unable to push through with giving birth in fear that she was bringing a criminal’s child into the world.

On the day he completed his mission, he happily returned to the village and told her his true identity. However, there was no shock, surprise or astonishment.

She only looked at him with hatred and her eyes were only left with disdain and rejection. She heartlessly said, “No matter how many times I look at you, I will still find you disgusting! Scram! Get out now!”

He thought it was the rainbow after a storm, but she still looked as though it was a harsh winter.

She shouted loudly at him, “The child is gone! Dead! It’s better that it died…” At that time, he was consumed by his anger. He gathered all his anger and broke everything in the house.

There was a brief instant where he even wanted to choke her to death.

That was a living child—their child! How could she lose it?

She even said that the person she liked had always been her fiancé. No matter his identity, whether he was a good or bad person, a drug trafficker or military officer, she would never ever like him.

His eyes turned red as he glared harshly at her. His jealousy almost made him go crazy.

“I hate you! I hate you! I hate you…” After that, she continuously spoke those three words. She harshly shoved his hand away and even tried to bite it when she failed to shove it off. She lost control and started crying out loud, her tears flowing out like a river.

It pained her to see how scared she was of him. His brows furrowed up as he looked deeply into her confused eyes. He had only liked her, yet why did he disgust her?!

He looked at her while she was curled up into a ball on the bed. Seeing how pale and helpless she was, he found himself breaking down as well.

Her pain was too much for him to handle, thus, he left without saying a word. He searched the woods to find their son.

He never returned after that. He simply tasked his subordinates to take her home.

From then on, they were strangers who had nothing to do with each other.

Just thinking about those scenes from the past still breaks his heart, and up until now, every nerve he has in his system still jumps up in pain.

All these years he knew that the immense hatred and disgust she had for him was the reason she was not willing to look back at him, even to the point of ignoring her own son.

But no one likes to be around someone who dislikes them, even more so if that person is the same person he both liked and loved.