His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1251 - Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (31)

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Chapter 1251: Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (31)

Su Qianxun gave a burst of stifled laughter before hugging Xiao Bai, who was sleeping in the room as she wanted him to sleep comfortably.

At that moment, the doorbell rang.

She put on the bedcovers over Xiao Bai and proceeded to open the door. It was Lu Yanzhi. Those black eyes came off as calm and sharp, like the gaze of a hawk, making it chilling to look at.

“Xiao Bai has just fallen asleep, do you want to bring him home?” Su Qianxun said as she instinctively furrowed her brows. Lu Yanzhi came closer, close enough for her to smell the stench of alcohol on him.

She was a little stunned. “Did you drink alcohol?” she asked.

Lu Yanzhi, with a deep voice, calmly replied, “I drank a little as I had people to entertain.”

But Su Qianxun didn’t think he only had a little, the alcohol stench was so strong that it was obvious he drank a lot. She unhappily said, “You drove even though you drank?”

“This little bit of alcohol can’t put me down,” he said confidently. To show that he was fine, he poured a glass of water for himself to which he drank slowly.

Su Qianxun furrowed her brows, “As long as there’s alcohol in your system, you shouldn’t drive. It’s very dangerous.”

Lu Yanzhi stared at her intently with his deep black eyes. He slowly walked towards her while Su Qianxun stepped back. However, the sofa behind her hindered her from backing up any further.

She stopped on her tracks, and so did he. Both of them were very close and a strong sense of oppression rushed through her. He bent down, leaned in closer and asked, “Are you concerned about me?”

His scorching hot breath brushed past her face and Su Qianxun unconsciously felt her face getting hotter and her breathing labored.

Why were her emotions affected by his movements and actions every time he spoke to her despite how she tried to calm herself down and just talk to him like a normal person?

Why did her brain seem to be deficient in oxygen?

Why was there a gripping pain in her heart? Why did her heart beat so fast that it felt like it was ready to fly out of her mouth?

She kept telling herself that they did not have any feelings for each other in the past. They were never together, and she had repeatedly told Shi Guang that she and Lu Yanzhi were never a couple, nor did she have any hatred towards him.

But was that really the case? Or were there other reasons?

Su Qianxun got a hold of herself and said in a cold tone, “I’m just concerned about Xiao Bai. You shouldn’t have come to pick him up considering the amount of alcohol you’ve had. I wouldn’t dare hand over Xiao Bai given your state. What do you think would happen if you weren’t careful and ended up stepping on the accelerator instead of the brakes? Anything can happen when you’re drunk. You can get into a car accident if you want, you deserve it anyway. But if it’s going to be with Xiao Bai, that’s just unacceptable.”

Lu Yanzhi looked at her unconcerned and pretty face. His face had no change in emotions and no one could tell if he was happy and angry.

But in his heart, because of her unconcerned tone, there was a brief moment where he really wanted to choke her to death.

“You’re such a heartless woman.”

He silently looked at her. After a good, long time, he smiled coldly and left.

As she looked at him leaving, Su Qianxun froze for a moment. She bit down her lips, her eyes shimmering.

Suddenly, she saw Lu Yanzhi entering the house again and he placed the keys he was holding on top of the shoe rack.

She hesitated for a moment before taking the keys and then she followed him out.

As she opened the door, she saw Lu Yanzhi standing at the roadside, leaning on a tree. He bent down and looked unwell. His stomach started to heave, but no vomit came out.

After a moment, he started to walk and was prepared to cross the road. Suddenly, a white sports car that looked especially bright at night was seen driving his direction. However, Lu Yanzhi continued staggering to the road in his drunken stupor, too drunk to notice the speeding car coming towards him.