His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1250 - Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (30)

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Chapter 1250: Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (30)

“Of course, you are not an illegitimate child for you’re the young master of the Lu family. There is a lot of freedom given to writing comments on the internet. Some people may have led an unhappy life or are in a bad mood. Maybe out of jealousy, or they just can’t stand you, they like to randomly bring down people’s reputation. So, you don’t need to care about those people.”

“Oh,” she said.

At that moment, the manager called and asked about the rumors but did not seem troubled by it. With Qianxun’s popularity and social standing, even if it was reported that she got married and had a child, it would not affect her career.

The main reason for her call was another important matter.

“The variety show that I mentioned to you previously, have you thought about it? They contacted me again today,” she asked.

“I don’t think I’ll participate. It’s not that I don’t wish to participate in a variety show, it’s just that I want to rest for a bit,” Su Qianxun rejected.

“But you can rest while participating in the variety show. I asked about the filming process, and it’s far easier than filming a movie. Also, you have a movie that is going to be released at the same time as the variety show. I think it would be better to participate in it, would you at least give it some consideration?”

Su Qianxun thought for a while before eventually agreeing.

Shi Guang tidied up the kitchen before heading out. She saw Xiao Bai sleeping on Su Qianxun’s leg and immediately piped down her movements. Her voice was soft too as she asked, “He fell asleep?”

She looked at the clock on the wall and it was only 8 o’clock.

Su Qianxun gently touched Xiao Bai’s hair. “Xiao Bai played nonstop all day. Children would definitely be tired after playing,” she explained. “You can head back first. He can sleep at my house tonight; I’ll send him back home tomorrow.”

“Alright,” Shi Quang agreed, nodding her head.

But she didn’t leave right away, instead, she sat opposite Su Qianxun. “I overheard your call. You were talking about participating in a variety show,” she said. After that, she curiously asked, “What kind of variety show is it?”

She was guessing that it could be the variety show involving the military which Lu Yanchen mentioned earlier.

“Chu Mubei’s company collaboration with a broadcasting station. Didn’t you know?” said Su Qianxun.

Shi Guang sniggered, “Just a little. Aren’t you going? It doesn’t sound so bad.”

“I’m not interested in variety shows,” Su Qianxun curled her lips and looked as though she was about to laugh, “And besides, I’m not willing to help your hubby’s company cultivate young talents.”

She knew that half of Chu Mubei’s company belonged to Lu Yanchen, too.

Shi Guang smiled. “I think you can take part in it. I mean variety shows are so popular nowadays. Aren’t you investing in films? It could even provide free advertising for you too,” she added.

Su Qianxun had an uninterested face.

Shi Guang raised her brows and provocatively asked, “It can’t be that you’re scared of meeting big brother?”

Su Qianxun looked at her coldly. “Of course not,” she said.

Shi Guang’s started thinking as she kept a sharp gaze on Su Qianxun’s face. Her lips curled as though she was laughing and held a little probe and amusement before she said with little sincerity, “Actually, I think you and big brother make a good match. Big brother loves you so much and has been inseparable since. Also, both of you haven’t forgotten about the relationship you once shared. More importantly, when both of you stand together it’s like a match in heaven! It would be such a pity if you two don’t get together!”

Su Qianxun’s brows flicked up and had a bewildered expression, “Who told you that we used to be close? Stop making blind guesses! It’s really not what you think it is,” she retaliated.

To which Shi Guang teasingly answered, “The military is so big and big brother is under military operations for classified information. Even if you do go, you may not even meet him. You can stop thinking too much about it too, little aunt.”

Shi Guang cheekily blinked at her and took her bag before she waved and left.