His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1246 - Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (26)

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Chapter 1246: Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (26)

“Lu Yubai, are you three?” Lu Yanzhi turned around and looked at him with cold eyes. “You are no longer three-years-old so stop crying so easily.”

“Daddy..” Xiao Bai’s nose turned sour as he looked at Lu Yanzhi with his puffy red eyes. His innocent and naive gaze made him look really pitiful.

However, Lu Yanzhi didn’t feel a single pity for him and looked at him angrily instead. “Aren’t we waiting for your Little aunt now?”

For those who didn’t know his son well, pitying his son would be normal but Lu Yanzhi knew his son too well. He was smart and could hide his emotions well. His acting skills could even be said to be better than that of his mother’s.

One should not look at him being a crying mess, for if one looked into his eyes carefully, they would see a cunning glint in them. Not to mention, only Xiao Bai would be able to decipher his own plots.

Xiao Bai turned his head around awkwardly and looked out the window. Unknowingly, a proud glint twinkled in his pure eyes.

Although Li Mengyao laughed at the scene, her eyes seemed a little cold.

She had never thought that Xiao Bai would be this naughty and impolite, and yet Lu Yanzhi didn’t even teach him a lesson and only told him to stop crying. She didn’t even receive an apology.

However, it didn’t seem nice of her to complain to Lu Yanzhi about Xiao Bai’s unreasonable actions too.

This would make it seem as if an adult was being petty with a kid. If that was the case, how could she make Lu Yanzhi fall in love with her?

Her fingernails dug into her palms as she looked at Xiao Bai while controlling her emotions.

The rascal crossed his arms and had a ridiculing look on his face while he tilted his head to the side. When his eyes glanced past her, his lips morphed slightly into a faint smile laced with a hint of ridicule.

Li Mengyao’s expression darkened.

That brat was only a few years old but why didn’t he have the cuteness and innocence of a kid?

Also, his face, especially his phoenix-like eyes, it looked just like Su Qianxun—both of their eyes looked very cunning and equally unlikeable.

If it wasn’t for this brat, perhaps she and Lu Yanzhi could take their relationship to another level.

If that was the case, Su Qianxun wouldn’t even be able to appear in Lu Yanzhi’s life again. But then again, why was Su Qianxun’s luck so good? It was so good that it made her jealous.

Of all the things that could happen, why did Su Qianxun have to coincidentally meet undercover Lu Yanzhi in that prison-like magic cellar and meet a bunch of men?

Why was it that Su Qianxun had Lu Yanzhi who protected her with his life, but she, on the other hand, met a bunch of men and was raped?

And why is that when Su Qianxun got pregnant, she gave birth to a live child and yet had the guts to throw the baby in the forest? While she, on the other hand, who never expected to get pregnant and never knew who the father of the baby was, ultimately gave birth to a stillborn.

‘It’s not fair, it’s not fair!’

She couldn’t understand. She really couldn’t understand! She hated that Su Qianxun and her met trouble on the same day but their outcome was as different as day and night!

She sensed Lu Yanzhi’s gaze on her through the rearview mirror and immediately smiled.

She really didn’t know what else she should say. She was afraid that the brat beside her would ruin her plans again.

Before long, Shi Guang came.

Li Mengyao didn’t get out of the car and only looked out from the car. She saw Xiao Bai happily pouncing into Shi Guang’s arms with a sweet smile, as though he was in love.

After sending Xiao Bai off, Lu Yanzhi returned to the car and Li Mengyao changed her seat to the front passenger seat.

She smiled and said, “Let’s go and eat now.”

Lu Yanzhi did not look at her, only stepping on the throttle and drove the car forward. “I still have something on. I will send you home first.”