His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1244 - Why Did You Abandon Him and The Child? (24)

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Chapter 1244: Why Did You Abandon Him and The Child? (24)

Shi Guang inspected Lu Yanchen and found him weird. “You were never one to meddle in other people’s affairs. Why do I feel that you can’t be doing all this just for your elder brother and Qianxun?”

Lu Yanchen merely smiled and did not deny it.

He admitted it.

“Chu Mubei’s company is yours as well. The variety show you’re setting up probably doesn’t have any big celebrities starring in it, however, if Qianxun participates, it will boost your variety show’s popularity and quality. Knowing Chief Lu’s cold-blooded personality, he would definitely not open the back door to help your variety show even if you were his son. Even our elder brother wouldn’t do so as well and would only probably give simple instructions. But if Qianxun participates, then he probably wouldn’t take the show for granted and provide better places for filming. That’s why Qianxun participation would be like killing three birds with one stone for you.”

Shi Guang slowly analyzed.

“My girl is really becoming more and more intelligent. How should I reward you?” Lu Yanchen’s deep gaze was difficult to read yet it brought about a lazy streak of unholiness.

Shi Guang rolled her eyes. “You’re so bad. I only wanted you to help out and not let Su Wencheng have the chance to be around Qianxun yet you planned for her to earn money for you?”

Lu Yanchen asked her back, “Other than this, do you have a better protection scheme?”

“Indeed, I don’t, but yours does not seem like a protection scheme either…”

Before Shi Guang could finish speaking, Lu Yanchen held her face and harshly kissed her lips. She did not know when Lu Yanchen had untied his hands.

With a flip turn of his, he pinned Shi Guang under him and kissed her with a bloodthirsty hunger.

At the start, Shi Guang pretended to push him away but relaxed her body in the end. Under his body, her body instinctively went along with it. Her eyes were half-opened and her mouth let out moans just like a cat’s meow.

The clothes on both of their bodies were taken off in an instant and their bodies seemed to be tightly entangled to each other.

Their movements were wet and moist.

Passion was laced with wildness.

They hugged each other tightly and lusted for each other. One time, two times. They reached for the clouds together.

That night, Shi Guang was tormented hard enough. After she woke up, it was already the late morning of the next day.

She was so tired and her body was sore while Lu Yanchen was full of energy. The resent in her heart could not help but make her glare at Lu Yanchen.

Lu Yanchen charmingly smiled yet his voice was devilish. “Are you unwell? Last night, I didn’t control my strength properly and hurt you. Do you want me to check it out for you?”

Shi Guang: “…”

She truly wanted to pounce on Lu Yanchen and bite him.

Who wanted him to check there! Bad guy…

At that moment, the phone rang. Shi Guang took the phone and answered the call.

The call was from Xiao Bai. He sounded troubled and was unhappy. He acted cutely to Shi Guang. “Little Aunt, can you bring me up to your house?”

Shi Guang asked softly, “What’s wrong?”

Xiao Bai looked out of the car and saw Lu Yanzhi talking to Li Mengyao. He snorted out coldly, “Daddy is eating with Auntie Li again! He even wanted to bring me along. I don’t want to go but daddy just had to bring me along. It’s really frustrating!”

“Then, where are you now?” Shi Guang asked.

“I’m at the shopping mall. We’re going to eat later. I don’t want to eat with that auntie. I want mummy but when I called mummy, my call could not go through. Little Aunt, can you pick me up and bring me to find mummy?” Xiao Bai cried out and continued to act cutely to Shi Guang.