His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1243 - Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (23)

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Chapter 1243: Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (23)

“You can’t be saying that Su Wencheng likes Qianxun?” Shi Guang suddenly choked on her own saliva.

Lu Yanchen smiled but said nothing.

His answer was obvious.

She patted her chest. “Then, does Qianxun know?”

Lu Yanchen shook his head. “She should not know.”

Even if they were not related by blood, they were still aunt and nephew. How could they… Shi Guang could not believe or accept it. “My aunt doesn’t even know, so how did she know?”

Lu Yanchen replied, “From his investigation records and my analysis from a man’s viewpoint.”

Shi Guang muttered, “So… it’s just your wild guess.”

Lu Yanchen’s tied up hands suddenly lowered down and circled around her elbows. He harshly pushed her down. Following Shi Guang’s scream, he sprawled over her body and his lips touched hers.

Although he was still tied up, Lu Yanchen had already turned the tables around.

His lips moved from Shi Guang’s pink and tender lips to her ears. His deep voice rang in her ears as he softly said, “Whether a man likes a woman, you don’t need to hear what he says but what he does?”

“Maybe it’s just to suck up to Qianxun?”

“Since he is just pandering her, why does he need to hide? Don’t just look at the surface regarding what he does,” Lu Yanchen said as his lips moved back to Shi Guang’s lips.

When he was prepared to kiss her, Shi Guang squeezed out between his elbows and said in fear, “Then, would my Little Aunt be in danger?”

“Why would she? She’s a celebrity. Many people like her.”

“But Su Wencheng is different.”

“In the past, Su Wencheng didn’t do anything to Su Qianxun. Now that he has nothing, the more he won’t do anything to Su Qianxun for he needs her help. He is a smart man, he clearly knows that he can brazenly get the person he wants only when he becomes the head of the Su family and when your grandpa is no longer around.”

Lu Yanchen’s eyes squinted slightly and brought out a sense of sharpness.

This was to express that Su Wencheng really was a scary and crazy man.

Shi Guang felt strangely scared all of a sudden. “But I’m still worried. Are there any ways that can stop Su Wencheng from hurting my aunt?”

“There is.”

“What is it?” Shi Guang lit up in happiness and immediately asked.

“Let your aunt follow my elder brother to the military. In that way, Su Wencheng naturally can’t find her. Even if he found her, he can’t enter.”

Shi Guang thought that the suggestion Lu Yanchen gave was great, but she rejected it in the next second.

“That won’t work! Qianxun would never go to the military with our elder brother. Although we do not know what happened to both of them that year, her feeling towards our elder brother is too weird.”

It was an exaggeration to say that it was hate or love. It was more like they never met—the blank page of a story that never happened.

“I know Chu Mubei’s company is planning a military variety show with a broadcasting station recently. They need a few celebrities to close themselves off and to experience life in the military.”

Lu Yanchen was grinning at her as he said that.

Shi Guang blinked her eyes. “…Are you saying that my aunt should participate in this variety show?”

Lu Yanchen replied, “If she goes, then she wouldn’t have to see Su Wencheng and could even build a relationship with our elder brother. If they do end up together, maybe they would even live together there.”