His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1242 - Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (22)

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Chapter 1242: Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (22)

Shi Guang: “…”

Got it wrong? It seemed like that was the case.

Wang Caichun always spat out bad stuff about Chu Mubei as though she found him irritating.

In the past, when she was together with Lu Yanchen, they broke up but reconciled in the end. At that time, she often said she hated Lu Yanchen just so she could hide her love for him.

Hence, she instinctively thought Wang Caichun as herself and put her into her own viewpoint.

But Wang Caichun and Chu Mubei had never been together before. After they married each other, both of them led their own lives and had nothing to do with each other.

What if it was not a cover-up and Wang Caichun really did not like Chu Mubei? Wouldn’t she be someone who had helped add fuel to the fire?

Shi Huang laughed. “Then does Chu Mubei and Shen Yiren have something going on with each other? Will Chu Mubei divorce with Wang Caichun?”

“I don’t know. This does not seem to be of our concern.” Lu Yanchen’s gaze was calm and he tenderly looked at Shi Guang as though he was not concerned with anything except Shi Guang.

He raised his tied up hands. “Untie it.”

Shi Guang was not willing as she cheekily said, “I won’t untie it.”

She was sprawled over Lu Yanchen’s body and her red, tender lips pressed against his mouth. She then moved her lips once again and blew air into his ear before she cheekily smiled. “Now, my body and hands are weak and I just want to lean on you. I don’t want to move at all.”

Then, she sat on his body and her eyes glinted coquettishly. She exuded some sense of authority as though she was saying, ‘If you beg me, I will untie it for you!’

Lu Yanchen looked as though he was both smiling and not, and his deep eyes lightly stared at her. He asked, “Today when you went back to the Su family, you gave me a call. You said you had something important to tell me face to face. What is it?”

Shi Guang continued to sit on top of him but her expression showed frustration. “Qianxun said that Su Wencheng called her to apologize and was very concerned about grandpa. What do you think he wanted to do?”

Without thinking twice, Lu Yanchen said, “Go back to Su family.”

Shi Guang asked, “Why?”

What was the use of going back when the two families already had bad blood between them? Shi Guang really did not understand.

Lu Yanchen said, “That’s because he has crime under his name and cannot leave the country temporarily. He can only develop his career within the country, and since that was the case, he definitely has to abandon politics and start from commercial activities. And in order to start that, without a good familial background, it would be too difficult for him. He may not have to return to the Su family, but a good relationship with them is still needed. Naturally, he cannot go straight to the Old Man as it would expose his motives.

“But Su Qianxun is different. Su Qianxun had grown up with him since they were young, and even if she was technically his aunt, she is still younger than him by just a few years. Both of them used to have a good relationship with each other. In the last few years, Su Qianxun had developed her career so well in the movie industry even without using the Su Family name. It was Wencheng who had helped her to the point that he did many things behind the scenes. He was really good to Su Qianxun. If one were to carefully count, there were many things that Su Qianxun didn’t even know was because of Su Wencheng.”

Shi Guang listened with her brows knitted tightly together.

She muttered, “Qianxun is Su Wencheng’s Little Aunt. Isn’t it normal that he would help her? But why does it sound weird coming from your mouth?”

Lu Yanchen smiled. “Su Wencheng understood that since he was young, he knew he wasn’t related to Su Qianxun by blood. Moreover… he is now over thirty years old, yet he is not married. He had a woman before and had a young mistress but never did he officially have a girlfriend.”