His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1240 - Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (20)

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Chapter 1240: Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (20)

“Which eye of yours saw that we were displaying affection to one another?” Shi Guang glared at Mu Chubei. Yet, the moment she looked at Lu Yanchen, her gaze softened. “Were we showing affection?”

“Of course…” Lu Yanchen pinched Shi Guang’s cheeks cutely and cooperatively expressed, “Not!”

“You are the best!” Shi Guang immediately placed a sweet kiss on Lu Yanchen’s face.

Lu Yanchen wore an affectionate expression as he spoiled and loved her with no limit. His gentle gaze was so sweet that honey would drip out of his eyes.

Chu Mubei: “…”

‘Is there still justice in this world?! Isn’t this considered as displaying affection? If not, what is it?’

He forced himself to smile but his smile turned out to be uglier than his crying expression. “About that… Old Lu, it concerns my lifelong happiness so I could only find you for help…”

Lu Yanchen raised his eyebrows slightly since he had an inkling with what Chu Mubei was trying to say.

Just as he was about to say something, Shi Guang jumped down from his lap. She shrieked, “What did you say?”

Lu Yanchen stood up. “…”

Chu Mubei moved two steps backward and suddenly felt that Shi Guang’s aura was really suffocating. “…”

“Aren’t you being weird, Chu Mubei? You also have a wife so why did you have to find Lu Yanchen for your lifelong happiness?” Shi Guang hugged Lu Yanchen’s arm and looked at Chu Mubei with her head tilted to the side. “Chu Mubei, don’t tell me that you like my Lu Yanchen and that you want to snatch my man away?”

Chu Mubei widened his mouth in surprise. His mouth was so wide open that he could swallow one whole egg.

Lu Yanchen suddenly curled his lips upwards and looked at Shi Guang with his head tilted to the side. Both of them looked into each other with a playful glint in their eyes.

They even seemed to have reached a certain level of rapport.

Shi Guang smirked and looked towards Chu Mubei. “It seems that my biggest love rival is not a young girl but a big man like you!”

She patted her chest in pain, looking very angry and helpless. “Oh gosh…”

Chu Mubei immediately explained, “Nonono, what are you thinking? What kind of brain do you…” He actually didn’t know how to continue on with his words.

Shi Guang asked in fury, “What’s wrong with my brain? My brain is perfectly fine. In this current society, do you know why a woman can’t find herself a good man? Because all of them are stolen by another good man.”

Chu Mubei was caught between laughter and tears. “Let me tell you, Shi Guang, I didn’t know that you were a Fujoshi.”

Shi Guang retorted, “Don’t change the topic. You have always addressed me as Little Sister Shi Guang and even said that I was like your biological sister and yet you betrayed me. Overboard, overboard, you are too much!”

Chu Mubei: “…”

This couple, one of them smiled so happily and was just like an adorable cutie.

She was cute but she was also a cunning fox. Whenever Lu Yanchen was around, she became even more cunning.

The other half of the couple wore a faint smile on his face as he enjoyed the show.

When Lu Yanchen didn’t smile, he looked like an untouchable proud and cold flower, but when he did smile, he was even scarier than his cold side.

Chu Mubei’s entire forehead was wrinkled into a frown. He looked as though he had admitted to his fate and said helplessly, “Old Lu, Yiren is leaving, quickly help me think of a way to stop her. If she’s gone, what am I going to do?”

Shi Guang knitted her brows. “…”

‘So the person Chu Mubei likes is Shen Yiren? But if he liked Shen Yiren, why did he still want to marry Wang Caichun? Even if it’s just a marriage in name, Wang Caichun seems to like Chu Mubei.’

‘If Chu Mubei likes Shen Yiren now, what is going to happen to Wang Caichun?’