His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1238 - Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (18)

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Chapter 1238: Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (18)

With that, Shi Guang made a gesture of zipping her mouth, expressing that she would definitely keep her promise.

Su Qiudao gave a benevolent smile and went downstairs to eat with her.

Shi Guang only took this incident as an accidental episode and did not take it to heart.

On her way home, she realized that her cousin seemed dazed out and had been acting very mysteriously. Previously, when she found out that there was a kiss mark on her neck, she asked her if she was dating but she denied it.

Even when she was talking to her, she didn’t seem to listen and was always inattentive.

So, when she came to visit Grandpa, she brought her cousin along to brighten up her spirits. She looked totally fine during their visit to the Su family but once they left the household, her cousin’s mental state seemed a little unstable.

Shi Guang furrowed her eyebrows and asked if she had anything bothering her.

But Mo Jin refused to admit and said that she was recently too busy at work so she was a little tired.

Shi Guang really hoped that it was just fatigue that had caused her to act like that and not because of her relationships… After all, this world was so complicated and there weren’t as many men who were as trustworthy and reliable as her Lu Yanchen.

After sending Mo Jin home, Shi Guang directly went to Lu Yanchen’s office.

Upon reaching, she was startled to realize that Lu Yanchen had a new female assistant who had beautiful porcelain skin and long legs. For such a young and beautiful assistant to be hanging around Lu Yanchen all day, wouldn’t Lu Yanchen’s heart waver?

Shi Guang entered Lu Yanchen’s office with a solemn face.

However, Lu Yanchen smiled charmingly and motioned her to come over. “Come here.”

“Why should I go over? You have such a beautiful female assistant, shouldn’t you ask her to come over instead?” asked Shi Guang who was being very sour about it.

“Are you… jealous?” Lu Yanchen asked as he rubbed his lips. A faint smile then morphed on his face.

“Who is jealous? Can’t I just say a thing or two?” Shi Guang refused to admit that she was indeed unhappy.

‘Wait a minute… something is wrong?!’ Lu Yanchen was the type of person who would get jealous whenever she came close to her big sister.

Besides, it was a Sunday and yet he still had work to do and even arranged a beautiful female assistant to stand outside. Putting that aside, he even asked her to find him at his office. This seemed to be much of a coincidence, so did he do it on purpose?

Shi Guang was immediately caught between laughter and tears—this man was too naughty!

“You did it on purpose?” She glared at Lu Yanchen and walked towards him. She suddenly felt her knees weaken, and like a boneless snake, she slowly fell onto him. Afterward, she sat on his thigh and hooked her hands around his neck.

Lu Yanchen hugged her waist and pulled her into an embrace as he chuckled. “Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t get jealous…”

“Was I jealous just now? I can’t remember a thing.” Shi Guang still refused to admit as she poked her finger on his chest. “I am not as petty as you.”

Lu Yanchen held her hand while Shi Guang shifted around in his embrace, and this caused arousal in Lu Yanchen.

His eyes darkened and his voice turned hoarse as well. “Shi Littly, are you purposely… arousing me?”

Shi Guang pretended to be shy and said, “That’s right, I am teasing you. Do you want to tease back?”

This was his office and the door was not closed so anyone could enter anytime. She bet that Lu Yanchen wouldn’t do anything to her.

“You said so. Hmm?” A coquettish look flashed past Lu Yanchen’s eyes and that made him look even more charming.

His lips bit her round earlobe and he nibbled on it gently.

Shi Guang unconsciously drew her neck since she felt numb and ticklish at the same time. It spread across her body, causing her to burst into laughter.