His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1236 - Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (16)

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Chapter 1236: Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (16)

“Moreover, I think that you know this too. When our fathers switched identities, it determined that we can only be enemies! If I were to return to the Su family, Mo Feifei and her sister would definitely stand on the opposite side. Both of them are just two people blocking our stepping stones to success. Mo Feifei… I have no plans on laying a hand on her for she’s not a huge threat to me yet. Then again, she poses as a difficult problem for you. So, I’m saying that if you want revenge, the best way is to start with her.”

After hearing Su Wencheng’s words, Chang Xiaoyang’s expression stiffened.

Su Wencheng continued to speak. “On the other hand, I cannot let Shi Guang off since Lu Yanchen has her back. I’ve already lost to him once, so I cannot bear to lose to him again. Because of Shi Guang and Lu Yanchen, my parents and my sister, Su Ya, are degraded to such a sorry plight now. No matter what, I will make Shi Guang unable to stand upright in the Su family.”

“But I think you should know how much Old Man Su likes both of them.”

Su Wencheng flashed a smile filled with mockery. “Women are really the most brilliant living being in this world. They may look as gentle as the water on the surface, but deep inside, they can make men with a thousand times more strength to succumb underneath them.”

These words had a hidden meaning interlaced with a sense of mockery.

Chang Xiaoyang lowered his eyes and remained silent.

Su Wencheng had a shrewd way of thinking and his mind was too dark. They both were similar, hence they are their only friend and comrade.

After all, he had already sealed his fate years ago.

He should calmly close his eyes and gladly accept his fate.

But why was there a subtle hint of hope which should not be there in his heart?

He heaved a mocking laugh for he had already sold himself. In his heart, there was no righteousness and justice. All people and things were just chess pieces he could manipulate for his gains.

Everything should just go like this!

The next day, in the Su residences.

When Su Qianxun arrived, Shi Guang had already arrived. Not only her, her cousin Mo Jin had come too. As for Mo Feifei, she had just started working and seemed busy thus she did not come this week.

“Mo Jin, you cut your hair.”

Today, Mo Jin wore a white blouse together with a black suit. With her fresh short hair, she looked very clean as though a successful career woman.

Mo Jin gave a gracious smile and touched her mushroom head. “Lately, I’ve been too busy and did not have the time to do my hair. Moreover, my hair loss was very serious hence I simply cut it off.”

Shi Guang proudly said, “My cousin has risen a rank. She is now the manager.”

“Wow, not bad. Congratulations,” Su Qianxun congratulated her from her heart.

“Thank you, Little Aunt.” Following Shi Guang and Mo Feifei, Mo Jin called Qianxun Little Aunt as well.

Su Qianxun smiled before teasing, “Next time, I must take on a role regarding business elites. If I can’t become one, acting as one seemed pretty good too.”

“Little Aunt, don’t praise her further. Your praises are going to make your cousin conceited.” Shi Guang lightly tapped her chest. “If you have the time, you should praise me more. My results will improve if I receive more praise.”

“If I praise you further, not only will you be conceited, you will be exalted up to the skies.”

Shi Guang had a jealous look which made Mo Jin and Su Qianxun laugh out loud.

Even Old Man Su who was sitting silently at a side could not help but laugh.

“Grandpa, how can you bully me with them?” Shi Guang sat beside Old Man Su and hugged his elbow while acting cute.