His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1235 - Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (15)

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Chapter 1235: Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (15)

Su Wencheng said, “It’s good as long as grandpa stays healthy. Little Aunt, you need to take care of yourself too. No matter what happens, in my heart, all of you will definitely be my closest family. I will definitely wish all of you well and that includes my father, mother, and younger sister. I’m not saying this to plead for their forgiveness.”

Su Qianxun froze for a moment. She moved her lips and wanted to speak before Su Wencheng’s voice drifted through the phone. “Little Aunt, I’m sorry. Although this apology came a little late, I hope you will still accept it. Goodbye, Little Aunt.”


The line was cut. Su Wencheng did not say any special words. He called only to apologize and ask about grandpa’s health.

Su Qianxun furrowed her brows and curiously put her phone under her chin. She was trying to guess Su Wencheng’s real motive for calling.

Shi Guang and Mo Feifei said that the real masterminds behind their parents’ car accident that year may not be Su Ya and Su Donghan.

The mastermind could be Su Wencheng, but Su Ya and Su Donghan had covered up for him and hence, he was pushed out of the picture from the incident that year.

Her immediate reaction was to not believe them.

Ever since they were young, Su Wencheng in everyone’s eyes was a person who could not even bear to kill an ant. He was very filial and obedient, and he had a warm, kind, and gentle personality.

Her aunt had always cared more for her nephews. Her relationship with Su Wencheng had always been especially good and was much better than her relationship with Su Ya. If it wasn’t for Su Ya, she would definitely avoid scolding Su Wencheng.

Moreover, after dad knew Su Wencheng had no part in Shi Guang’s parents’ car accident, his heart still cared for Su Wencheng.

Because during the recent meal they had together, dad still asked about Su Wencheng’s situation and still cared for him.

Similar to her dad, she still could not believe Su Wencheng would harm others just because of his identity and personal gains. Unfortunately, it involved Shi Guang’s parents.

But she became suspicious again… because Su Wencheng, that gentleman, had done many dirty things to achieve a higher standing.

Tomorrow was Sunday.

Previously, she and Shi Guang promised that they would both try to visit Old Man at the Su residences every Sunday.

Both of them should be able to make it tomorrow. When they met, she would tell them this.

Su Wencheng leaned back on the swivel chair behind the office desk with a cigarette hanging loosely in his hands.

He breathed in and puffed out white smoke. The window was not closed and the smoke was immediately dispersed away by the wind.

Chang Xiaoyang who sat opposite him had a dark expression. When he entered, Su Wencheng was on a call. He sat down silently and waited for Su Wencheng to end the call before asking with a deep voice, “Do you want me to lay a hand on her?”

Su Wencheng extinguished the cigarette and asked him back. “Can’t you do it? It can’t be that you fell in love with Mo Feifei just like my younger sister said.”

Chang Xiaoyang denied it. “No.”

“You have to know that everything is already well prepared.” Su Wencheng straightened his back as he looked strict all of a sudden. “Abandoning politics and moving on to commercial affairs requires a large background. The Su family is the most suitable of them all and you need to be clear that if you want revenge and take back everything that belongs to you, it is not enough to just have the two of us.”

Chang Xiaoyang bit down his lips and had a look of hesitation.

Su Wencheng said, “Moreover, I think that you know this too. When our fathers switched identities, it already determined that we can only be enemies!”