His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1228 - Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (8)

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Chapter 1228: Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (8)

Xiao Bai wore a blur expression. He looked very sleepy as he cozied up next to Su Qianxun while he settled himself in her arms. “Mummy, you smell really nice.”

Su Qianxun chuckled and purposely teased, “I didn’t bathe yesterday.”

“Aiya mummy, you did not take a bath?” Xiao Bai immediately backed away in disgust, but Su Qianxun purposely did not let him go and even said that she wanted to share the dirt with him.

Xiao Bai chuckled in her arms and looked really happy.

As the door wasn’t closed, his laughter could be heard from outside. Lu Yanzhi, who was standing in the hall, heard their conversation and a smile unconsciously appeared on his face.

As compared to the time when she was covered in blood and was only one breath away from death, where she laid in his arms and said she never wanted to see him again, the scene now was too beautiful.

This would be so beautiful even if their current selves are nothing but strangers on the road.

He was about to go downstairs when the helper went up and said that there were guests.

Lu Yanzhi went downstairs and saw Shen Yiren. Shen Yiren heard from Mu Chubei yesterday that Lu Yanzhi was back and that he was hurt. Hence, she rescheduled all her work to visit him the next day.

When Shen Yiren saw Lu Yanzhi, her ears couldn’t help but turn red. “Big… Big Brother, are you okay?”

“I am fine.”

“Mu Chubei said that you were injured and was resting at home. How did you get injured?” asked Shen Yiren as she scanned Lu Yanzhi’s body. Upon seeing that he still looked fine, the burden in her heart lessened.

“Isn’t it normal to get hurt in the army?” replied Lu Yanzhi with an indifferent voice. “But I didn’t come home to rest. I only got a bruise. I used this excuse to give myself a few days off.”

“As long as you are fine, everything is fine.” Shen Yiren heaved a sigh of relief.

“Don’t worry.” Lu Yanzhi smiled. “I have a tough body so even if you get a boyfriend, I can still keep a lookout for you.”

Actually, they weren’t so close to the extent that they’d check on their future partners. After all, it was Lu Yanchen who she had been close with since she was young. Lu Yanzhi had only said his piece simply because after he had rejected her before, he wanted to use another method to make her give up.

Shen Yiren looked at him and the smile slowly disappeared. She seemed as though hurt as she said, “Big Brother, you know you’re the person that I like.”

She didn’t want to find another guy to be her boyfriend. She only wanted Lu Yanzhi. If Lu Yanzhi was married then so be it, but he was still single.

As for Xiao Bai’s mother, Su Qianxun, she had previously asked her if she had feelings for Lu Yanzhi but she denied and said she had no plans on marrying him. So, why wouldn’t he give her a chance?

Despite being confessed for the second time, Lu Yanzhi did not feel a single trace of happiness.

Conversely, he was having a headache because of Shen Yiren, especially when he saw her determined face that looked as if she would only like him in her whole life. He really couldn’t understand her. They haven’t even interacted much with each other.

But why did she fall in love with him?

Shouldn’t she like Lu Yanchen?

Shen Yiren saw how he had not replied and that brewed a strange idea within her. She anxiously emphasized, “Big Brother, how about we try it out first?”

She was a bundle of nerves when she said that. Her face flushed red out of anxiety and tears welled up in her eyes while she held a stubborn expression, she looked really pitiful.

Lu Yanzhi thought for a while and reversed the question, “You really like me that much?”

Shen Yiren nodded her head vigorously as though he would believe her if she nodded harder. “Yes, I have liked you and have dreamt of being your bride ever since I was young.”