His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1223 - Why Did You Abandon The Child And Him? (3)

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Chapter 1223: Why Did You Abandon The Child And Him? (3)

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Su Qianxun recalled a time in her past where she once told Lu Yanzhi that she hated her life when she was sent overseas at a young age. She wanted to return home. She really wanted to!

Her mother passed away early and her father got too caught up with work that he barely had any time left to take care of her

Her two elder brothers were much older than her and both already had their own family. At that time, they had a relative living overseas and hence, she was sent out of the country.

Afraid that she would add to her father’s troubles at that time, she stayed obedient and never ever told him her inner feelings. She even let her father believe that she loved her life overseas.

When she heard Lu Yanzhi wanted to send Xiao Bai, she thought of her experience and instinctively objected. “How can you be so heartless… Xiao Bai is still so young yet you are going to throw him overseas? Are you serious!”

“Even if I’m that heartless, I would not be as heartless as his mummy.” A spiral of faint light accumulated in Lu Yanzhi’s deep, blue eyes.

Su Qianxun unwomanly rolled her eyes. “…”

What had that got to do with her? Why did he talk to her in such an accusing tone?

Xiao Bai looked as though he was going to cry and cozied up to Su Qianxun while fake crying. She did not even have to mention how pitiful he looked.

“I don’t want to go overseas. I want to be together with daddy and mummy…”

Lu Yanzhi held a cold face and coldly said, “Keep quiet! You’re a man. Don’t cry so easily.”

When Xiao Bai heard those words, he did not dare to cry anymore and pouted his lips. He looked pitiful and aggrieved.

He looked towards Lu Yanzhi and pitifully pleaded, “Daddy, Xiao Bai wants to be together with mummy!”

“Then you can leave with her. Why did you come back?” Lu Yanzhi looked like he was suppressing his anger.

But that made Su Qianzun furious as though a fire slowly lit up inside her. She roared, “Lu Yanzhi, you are too much! Who would teach a child like you? He’s just a child! How could you use such a harsh method to teach him!”

“So, you are gentle? Then, you can teach him!” Lu Yanzhi’s deep voice rang out while his deep, black eyes glared at Su Qianxun. Every word held a deep meaning.

At that moment, Su Qianxun really wanted to say, ‘If you want me to teach him, then I shall teach him! Since you dislike children so much, you can just give me your child!’

But she was not the child’s mother after all and had no right to tell Lu Yanzhi those words.

She felt that her chest was getting heavy and it was suffocating her. There was a puff of billowing smoke surrounding her chest that she could not dissipate. No matter how she tried, it would not disappear and was choking her terribly.

She mocked, “…Me, teach him? What has that got to do with me? If you don’t wish to teach your child properly then why did you bear him at the start?”

These words pierced harshly through Lu Yanzhi’s heart.

He was silent. His gaze that was filled with a millennia of coldness glared right through Su Qianxun.

He had a bitter smile in his heart. Indeed, she was still resentful of him for forcing her to bear this child!

Lu Yanzhi’s disposition was as deep as an undercurrent as he asked, “If you don’t like it so much then why do you still want to see Xiao Bai?”

Su Qianxun opened her mouth. She wanted to say something, yet she did not know what she should say as a series of feelings gushed through her.

Right at that moment, her phone rang.

The car door was still open so Su Qianxun bent down to take her phone. She swiped her phone and answered the call.

She nodded after hearing a few sentences and ended the call within a moment.

After she kept her phone properly, she looked at Xiao Bai. “I have something on. I will be leaving first.”