His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1222 - Why Did You Abandon Him and The Child? (2)

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Chapter 1222: Why Did You Abandon Him and The Child? (2)

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But even if he was hurt badly, what has that got to do with her? Su Qianxun told herself to stop thinking about it and ignore it altogether, but then again, her mind wouldn’t listen. She was continuously reminded of the scene where Lu Yanzhi was hurt and had gone unconscious.

After the meal, Shi Guang and Mo Feifei left first since they wanted to do some shopping and handed Xiao Bai over to Su Qianxun.

With what she initially planned, Su Qianxun did not plan to send Xiao Bai home, however, she didn’t know why she didn’t reject it when she was asked to send Xiao Bai home.

Su Qianxun went to the car with Xiao Bai and saw a couple kissing in the car park by chance.

Upon seeing that Xiao Bai was staring intensely at the couple, Su Qianxun used her body to block Xiao Bai’s view and even covered his small face with her hand. “Don’t look. Don’t look.”

She carried him and placed him in her car before speedily driving off.

“Mummy, the uncle, and auntie were kissing, weren’t they?” asked Xiao Bai in an innocent tone of voice.

Hearing it, an uneasy blush appeared on Su Qianxun’s beautiful face as she gave two gentle coughs. She warned Xiao Bai, “What does a kid know? Next time, if you see such scenes, don’t look at them. Understand?”

Xiao Bai’s eyes gleamed with bright light. “They don’t look nice but daddy and mummy look nice…”

Su Qianxun chuckled. “…”

“Daddy and mummy look better if they kiss…”

Su Qianxun was so embarrassed that she wanted to cry. “…”

She said no more and pretended as if she did not hear it, looking as if she was focusing on her driving.

After a while, Xiao Bai talked to her again. “Mummy, I want to go to the sea aquarium tomorrow, can you bring me there?”

“Tomorrow…” She was free but if she wanted to bring a kid to the sea aquarium, she had to book the place or else there would be a big hoo-ha on the news.

“Tomorrow it is.” Xiao Bai clapped his hands happily. “Mummy is the best!”

Su Qianxun wanted to deny it but decided to remain silent. “…”

When she reached the Lu Residences, Su Qianxun had no plans on entering the house hence she carried Xiao Bai out of the car and bid him goodbye.

“Mummy, you aren’t going in to see daddy? Daddy missed you a lot.” Xiao Bai was reluctant to let Su Qianxun go.

“Nah, you should sleep early tonight so that tomorrow we can go to the sea aquarium together!” Su Qianxun coaxed him to quickly return home.

Xiao Bai smiled and wanted to say goodbye until his eyes suddenly brightened. He shouted, “Daddy!”

Su Qianxun turned around and saw Lu Yanzhi in his home attire. His cold and handsome face coupled, with the cold wind from the evening breeze, made him seem colder than the usual under the night sky.

The two of them seemed very awkward as they had not seen each other in a long time. The tall figure walked closer to her. ‘Didn’t he say he was injured? He seems fine to me.’

However, he was a strong man. Even if he had a serious injury, as long as he could still stand on his feet, he would pretend as if nothing happened to him.

A blue feeling washed in like an unwanted wave and Su Qianxun felt a little uneasy as she prepared to leave. She waved her hand at Xiao Bai and turned around.

Yet, a deep and charismatic voice stopped her from behind. “Wait.”

Su Qianxun froze before turning around to face Lu Yanzhi. Her lips curled up slightly as she asked magnanimously, “Is there a problem?”

Lu Yanzhi’s pair of dark eyes scanned her body momentarily before saying indifferently, “I want to send Xiao Bai overseas.”

Su Qianxun widened her eyes in surprise as she was stumped by the news.

‘Didn’t the Lu Family always encourage their kids to join the military and raise them there? Why did Lu Yanzhi suddenly want to send Xiao Bai overseas?’