His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1221 - Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (1)

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Chapter 1221: Why Did You Abandon Him and the Child? (1)

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Xiao Bai vigorously nodded his head and looked at Su Qianxun with pitiful eyes while acting cute. “I need daddy and mummy!”

Su Qianxun was immediately caught between laughter and tears, but she did not have the guts to tell Shi Guang that she was not Xiao Bai’s mummy. It wasn’t because she had not mentioned it before, when in fact, she mentioned it several times already. Yet no one believed her and thought that she only said it in spite of anger.

Just like this, her relationship with Xiao Bai was caught in a weird circle.

Although she clearly knew they were not mother and son, nobody would believe her even though she explained a thousand times already. They all thought that he was her son but she just refused to admit the fact.

It was also because she liked Xiao Bai so much that she threw away the DNA test the moment she saw it.

She raised her hand and fondled Xiao Bai’s small head while her mouth had a gentle smile as though she was looking at her own son.

She came to like Xiao Bai more and more. Every time she looked at Xiao Bai, she would feel especially happy. There were many moments where she thought that Xiao Bai was her son.

Especially after she heard what Yunmeng had to say about how Xiao Bai was not Li Mengyao’s son. After such an incident took place, she had a stronger certainty that Xiao Bai was her son.

Shi Guang said to Su Qianxun, “Oh yes, Little Aunt, Big Brother came home this morning. But he did not come back alone, he seemed hurt and was sent home by the police?”

Mo Feifei asked, “How did he get hurt? Was it serious?”

Shi Guang continued to look at Su Qianxun. Once Su Qianxun heard the news of how Big Brother was hurt, her body froze momentarily. Shi Guang’s eyes moved around before saying, “With Big Brother’s job, isn’t it normal that he got hurt? It’s still only a small matter if he got minor or major injuries. But this time, it seemed that he was hurt pretty bad that he could not even get up from the bed and was required to recuperate for a while.”

Xiao Bai offered Shi Guang a stumped look, after which Shi Guang immediately kicked Xiao Bai’s leg under the table.

Xiao Bai blinked his eyes before bitterly saying, “Yeah, Daddy was hurt very seriously this time. Although he is already clear of danger, he still needed to recuperate for a long time.”

Su Qianxun was startled for a moment before she looked at Xiao Bai with doubt.

Xiao Bai pouted his lips as his eyes reddened and looked as though he was going to cry.

Su Qianxun’s eyes were instinctively filled with another type of concern. She hugged Xiao Bai and comforted him. “Don’t worry, your daddy will be fine. He just needs to recuperate for a few days and he will be Xiao Bai’s awesome daddy again.”

“A hurt daddy can also be awesome.”


“And kill a tiger.”


“Daddy is awesome all the time.”


Su Qianxun replied to Xiao Bai’s words from time to time. Knowing Lu Yanzhi, if he wasn’t hurt very badly, he would never recuperate at home.

She recalled how he had a very dangerous undercover mission in the past. If he had not appeared and alerted his comrade, they would have been in deep danger. At that time, he was still in the process of recovering after he had been shot and was suffering from a fever. But even so, he stood up and alerted his comrade without minding the consequences that would follow only to prevent them from falling into the trap.

It was very risky at that time. He almost lost his life and was unconscious for a whole day.

After he was out of danger, the doctor said that he required at least a month to recuperate and had to be bedridden for a week. Yet in the end, he only rested for two days and then resumed to his normal self.

If even Shi Guang could tell that he was injured, how serious was his injury?

But, even if he was hurt badly, what had that got to do with her?