His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1219 - You Are My One And Only (29)

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Chapter 1219: You Are My One And Only (29)

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Mo Feifei felt listless the entire day and her heart was especially uncomfortable. She had to admit that it was because of Annie Zhao’s provocation.

To date, she felt pretty speechless. It was just Annie Zhao. Even if she liked Shang Mo… Even if Shang Mo liked Annie Zhao’s sister, Shang Mo was her boyfriend now. Why had she acted like a shrew?

Previously, Shang Mo had specially mentioned her during the conference. This made everyone start wondering about Mo Feifei’s relationship with Shang Mo. The following days, Shang Mo had not appeared in the design department and everybody forgot that incident.

Two colleagues, who sat beside her, gossiped about Shang Mo. She couldn’t figure out if it was on purpose or not.

Mo Feifei tried hard not to listen, but their voices glided into her ears.

“I heard Mr. Shang is in a relationship.”

“Who did you hear it from?”

“Lucy from the President’s office. She said Mr. Shang has contacted the world’s most famous wedding designer.”

“Oh my god! Does he want to get married? Did he find his true love? I’m really curious about what the girl looks like?”

“Could it be a marriage out of convenience? Wasn’t there a rumor before that mentions how Mr. Shang still likes his first love? Even after his first love married someone else, he continues to miss her so bad. He hasn’t found a girlfriend all these years because he probably still likes his first love.”

“Ah? So, not only must this girl be intelligent and pretty, but her family background is important as well. Since she was childhood sweethearts with the president, her family background must be good too.”

Mo Feifei’s eyes darkened as a hint of strong discomfort washed over her.

She took out a drawing board and a pen. She wanted to draw something to cool herself down. However, she couldn’t even move the pen in her hand to draw the art she envisioned in her mind. It was as though she knew what she needed to do but she had no idea how to start.

Mo Feifei remained silent for a while before putting the pen back.

The design department was lenient in knocking off timings, hence Mo Feifei knocked off early.

Neither did she want to go to the Shang residences nor her house, thus she took a taxi and went to Su Qianxun’s house.

Su Qianxun, who was about to leave the house, offered her a shocked stare. “Why did you come here? Shouldn’t you be working at this hour? What happened? Were you bullied in the company and that’s why you couldn’t bear staying there for too long?”

“No. I just came to visit you,” Mo Feifei replied and looked at Su Qianxun. Since she had a strange feeling in her heart, she did not know how she should open up.

Su Qianxun looked at Mo Feifei and saw how her face looked as calm as the deep blue skies. No matter how she looked at it, it did not seem that she had something on.

She figured that most would not be able to bully Mo Feifei, too. However, as she thought about the things Yang Sidan and Su Ya did to Mo Feifei, she worriedly asked, “What happened? Did anything happen? If you have any problems, tell me. Don’t keep it to yourself and feel terrible!”

Mo Feifei shook her head and looked at the clothes Su Qianxun was wearing. She then asked, “You were planning to go out?”

“I’m going to meet Shi Guang and Xiao Bai for a meal.” She had not seen Xiao Bai in ages. When Xiao Bai called her yesterday, he said that he would be angry and sever all his ties with her if she did not come to see him. She would never hear him call her Mummy ever again if so, too.

This small threat made Su Qianxun caught between laughter and tears.

“Didn’t you say that Xiao Bai was not your son?” Mo Feifei asked.

“He’s not. But who let this child like me so much? It can’t be helped that I’m too pretty and charming.” Su Qianxun smiled shamelessly and narcissistically. “Since you have nothing on, how about you join us for a meal?”