His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1218 - You Are My One And Only (28)

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Chapter 1218: You Are My One And Only (28)

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Annie Zhao wailed louder. “He doesn’t love me anymore, he will never love me… Even if he falls out of love with that Mo Feifei, the woman Shang Mo loves will always be you. As long as you wish, Shang Mo would definitely listen to you.”

Annie Zhao never liked this sister of hers after Heartlove Zhao cheated on Shang Mo. And since Shang Mo loved Heartlove Zhao that much, he never accepted Annie Zhao’s feelings for him.

However, she really hoped that Shang Mo would only love her sister, Heartlove Zhao, in his life. She hoped that he would harshly dump Mo Feifei after a few days!

“What kind of nonsense are you talking about? I am already married.” Heartlove Zhao looked startled and her voice couldn’t hide her panic.

“I am not wrong. Shang Mo never once forgot about you and has always loved you. Who does Mo Feifei think she is? If it wasn’t because you are married, could Mo Feifei even come into the picture?”

Just then, someone opened the door and Heartlove Zhao turned around to take a glance. She then said, “Annie, I can’t talk now. Your brother-in-law is back. It’s getting late, go to sleep early.”

With that said, she ended the call and walked towards her husband, Qi Mingyuan.

Mingyuan drank too much alcohol and fell on Heartlove Zhao drunkenly. Heartlove Zhao furrowed her eyebrows as a hint of disgust flash past her eyes.

“Careful.” She supported Qi Mingyuan to the bed before helping him take out his shoes and jacket. Suddenly, she stopped as she saw a rosy red lipstick stain on Qi Mingyuan’s shirt collar. That kiss mark was like a sharp blade plunged into Heartlove Zhao’s chest.

She closed her eyes, clenched her teeth, and reminded herself to control her anger. She helped Qi Mingyuan to take his jacket off and walked him to the opposite guest room to sleep.

Heartlove Zhao lay on her bed. Suddenly, memories of Shang Mo and her being together flashed through her head.

It was already way back in the past, hence many memories became a blur.

They grew up together and were childhood sweethearts. During the time they dated, their relationship had always been very good that they thought they would be together forever. They would be a lovey-dovey couple until the day they grow old and live blissful lives.

This continued on until something happened to Father Shang.

She didn’t mean to betray him! No!

In the past, although Qi Mingyuan had a good figure and was very handsome, his looks were far from Shang Mo. He wasn’t even comparable to Shang Mo.

How could she possibly choose Qi Mingyuan over Shang Mo?

However, she had been plotted against. When Shang Mo wanted to break up with her, she was heartbroken. It was at that moment that Qi Mingyuan promised to love her with his entire life and would definitely bring her happiness.

During that period, he took good care of her and cherished her well. Slowly, her heart melted and thus she married Qi Mingyuan.

However, after she married Qi Mingyuan, she realized that Qi Mingyuan was a womanizer and was very reckless. The reason why he married her was not because of love but because he wanted to secure his partnership with the Zhao Family.

With two companies bound together, even if she wanted a divorce, she couldn’t do so.

She sat in front of the dressing table and looked at the lady in the mirror. Although she was almost thirty, she had maintained her skin very well. There wasn’t a single trace of wrinkles found on her face.

Shang Mo had always been infatuated with her hence she had nothing to worry about. She could totally find Shang Mo to help her with the divorce as the current Shang Group was much more powerful than the Qi Group. If she filed a divorce against Qi Mingyuan and married Shang Mo, her father would definitely agree to it.

However, Mo Feifei… If she wanted to get back together with Shang Mo, would Mo Feifei become a threat to her?

As long as she turned back now, would Shang Mo definitely return back to her side?